yoga challenge
yoga challenge

10 Min Basic Hatha Yoga For Beginners | Beginners Yoga Routine | Chriskayoga

10 Min Basic Hatha Yoga For Beginners | Beginners Yoga Routine | Chriskayoga

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Hi, I’m Christina and welcome to my channel Chriska. Yoga! Today We’ll be doing a 10 minute quick and simple basic hatha yoga sequence hatha. Yoga is Pretty popular on this channel. It’s one of my most Actually almost my most viewed video on this channel the 30 minute taught the yoga for beginners class Everyone’s always asking me for more hatha yoga, more hatha yoga But today we’ll be doing it really quick and simple 10 minute How can you have a sequence that you can do when you’re short long time? To get you are quick fix of yoga in for the day So I hope you enjoy it before we get started if you are not subscribed yet to this channel Please take two seconds and hit the subscribe button below.

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It’s completely free to subscribe. I would really appreciate it I would love to have you as a part of the community Everyone here is so great and so nice, so I would love for you to join us So if you’re ready grab your yoga mat and let’s get started in a cross legged seated position on the ground Cross your shins. Bring your feet under your knees Sit up tall or your hands to your legs. Close your eyes And begin to deepen your breath Breathing deeply in and out through your nose Come to focus on your inhales and your exhales And remain here for several deep breaths Slowly come to open your eyes on your next inhale raise your arms all the way up towards the ceiling looking up and Then on an exhale place your hands down and then bring your fingertips to the ground behind you elbows pointed back Lift your chest up Looking up and coming to an arch When your next exhale release your body from the arch and come to a hands and knees position We’ll come to a Child’s Pose touch your big toes together separate your knees slightly Set your hips onto your heels, relax your torso over the thighs and bring your forehead to the ground Reach arms out in front of you and relax them Quite the mind for a moment to come inward breathe deeply and hold Bring yourself up to a hands and knees position once again From here step the right leg forward Bringing the knee directly above the lunge toes pointed forward Keep the left leg back on the diagonal You should be feeling a stretch in the front of your left hip and your left quad Softening the right hip socket looking down to as much length in your spine as you can Breathe here in your low lunge And then shift your weight onto the left leg Flex the right foot and straighten the right leg Look down have your hands framing the right foot on the ground. Once again keeping as much length in your spine as Possible feeling a stretch in the entire back of your right leg and hold here And from here bring the right leg underneath your body and switch legs step the left leg forward coming into low lunge Lunging forward onto the left leg your knee is tracking Directly above the left ankle toes facing forward The back leg is on the diagonal feeling a stretch in the front of your right hip and your right quad Looking down breathe here You Shift your weight back onto the right leg Straighten the left leg and flex the left foot Keep the hands down on the ground framing the left leg looking down Lengthen the spine as much as you can Feeling the stretch in the back of your left leg here and hold From here bring the left leg underneath your body and we’ll take a melting heart pose also known as puppy stretch bring the knees hips distance apart and slide the torso down bringing the forehead to the ground and Stretching the arms out in front of you. Your hips are raised up towards the ceiling Breathe here feeling a slight arch in your back Melting the chest towards the ground here and hold I will take a wide leg Child’s Pose touch your big toes together Separate your knees about the width of your yoga mat. Drop your forehead down to the ground reach your arms out in front of you Sink your chest down towards the ground open your chest and your armpits towards the floor breathing here Bring yourself up onto your hands and knees bring your legs parallel to one another and hips distance apart From here tuck your toes.

Your hands are right underneath your shoulders straighten your legs lift your hips up and back coming into a downward facing dog and Your first downward dog move your legs You can peddle your leg move in any way that you’re named to alleviate any stiffness You might be feeling in your hips and your leg muscles. You can rock from side to side as I’m doing here and Do whatever you need to do for a few breaths Slowly come to stillness in your downward facing dog hold for several deep breaths You And from here step your right leg forward in between your hands bring your knee directly above the right ankle stay on the ball of your left foot keeping your heel up and Come up into a high lunge reaching your arms up towards the ceiling Lunging forward into your right leg. Keep your left leg nice and straight and active and just hold here And gently bring your hands back down to the ground and step back into Downward facing dog lifting your hips up and back on the diagonal press your heels down from here We’ll come into high lunge on the left stepping the left leg in between your hands knee up off the ankle Keep the right leg straight heel up and raise your torso and arms up coming into high lunge on the left Continue to lunge forward into the left leg keeping the right leg active and energized Reaching the arms up And from here place your hands back down onto the floor and step the left foot back into downward facing dog Hold your downward dog and breathe, press your hands into the ground rebound up through your shoulders Lift your hips up and back Press your heels down in the direction of the ground hold here From here walk your feet forward towards your hands take as many steps as you need Coming to a forward fold and once you’re here hold onto opposite elbows in both of your hands You can keep a slight bend in your legs here and just allow your torso in your head to hang over your legs You can also choose to gently sway your torso from side to side Alternate bending and straightening your legs here. Whatever you need to do Just completely relax your head and your neck and allow your body to hang over But back to your forward fold and take an inhale Lift your torso up comes to standing or reach your arms all the way up from here take the right wrist in your left hand and Tilt your torso over to the left stretching the right side of your body Reaching your right arm up and over Pulling it gently over with the other hand on An inhale come back up and switch sides take hold of the left wrist in your right hand Tilt over to the right stretching the left side of your body Exhale come back up and release your hands down by your sides Thank you so much for watching. I really hope you enjoyed this month if you liked it Please hit the like button down below the video the thumbs up It will really support the channel and help it to grow and reach more people along with that Also, what would help the channel to grow? It would be if you comment it down below the video letting me know what you thought of the class if you enjoy these quick Classes you would like me to do more 10 minute sequences longer classes I mean requests for upcoming yoga class. If you like to see for me, I always love to hear from you and I always So, please leave me a comment down below Also as I mentioned before please subscribe to this channel if you aren’t yet Subscribed if you are welcome back and thank you so much for being here again today If you aren’t, please subscribe It is free and keep the notification bell next to the subscribe button to be notified Every time I post a new free yoga class, which is at least once a week Also, make sure that you’re following me over on my Facebook page as well I just posted a new abs yoga workout on there and I will be posting new and exclusive Yoga classes on Facebook only in addition to these yoga classes on every single week So don’t forget to head over there and follow my facebook page as well. All of The links to everything that I mentioned and more or less in the description box below.

Thank you so much! See you next time!..

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  1. Great short one for first thing in the morning to alleviate stiffness and wake your body up. Good for when you’re short of time, thankyou xx


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