yoga challenge
yoga challenge

25 Min Yoga Weight Loss Workout – Home Exercise Routine #Poweryoga #Yogaforathletes

25 Min Yoga Weight Loss Workout – Home Exercise Routine #Poweryoga #Yogaforathletes

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my friend Sean V Sean big finish calm let’s do some yoga today some flow yoga some power yoga to promote healthy weight loss and fat burning remember always use control and modify as needed and of course fat burning can work even better you can do even better with a nice clean and healthy diet okay let’s put the cap on it’s a beautiful day today about 95 degrees in Central Florida sunglasses off and let us begin in half boat pose bring the feet up shoulders are back abs are tight remember going to work from our strong core stomach lower back hips and glutes in every move that we do today modify as needed cargo shorts ready shoulders back let’s do a little bicycle here keeping those abs tight I’m going to add some movement to a lot of these poses so don’t fret just keep a strong foundation and all that you do good that’s four let’s take it back shoulders are back you could take the arms up if you want over the head keeping the abdominals tight and don’t forget to breathe lots of breathing okay half boat take it to full boat shoulders are back abs are tight arms out take it back and forth squeeze in on exhale out good get a nice connection to that core to your breast so the breath and the movement is always together a strong duo a dynamic duo like Laurel and Hardy two more times extend squeeze the abdominals bring it in and one more time out in let’s continue harvesting your abdominals take the legs out on a diagonal imprint the lower back down squeeze your abdominals arms forward that’ll get you up in the morning right there abs are tight breathe now you want a little bit more or a lot more take the arms back extreme boat flatten the abdominals breathe into the deep abdominals so your your stomach should be pooching out when you breathe in and then flatten oh yeah squeeze the abdominals now bring the right leg in I always call this yoga abs left leg out right leg and squeeze hold right here bring the face a little closer to the knee every time you exhale extend the leg a little bit more squeeze each exhale extend the legs there it is nice one more big exhale squeeze and the good news is we have the other side balance it out keep it balanced extend as you exhale and lift and one more time squeeze both the legs up reach for the sky keep extending as you exhale nice feel that extension in the arms and in the legs and finish it off take those legs away arms over the head or arms forward five counts one two three four five Oh bring the knees in let those ABS simmer a little bit let them simmer happy abdominals rolling or rocking rather side to side look at the clouds look at the birds the Hawks up there always enjoying the yoga workout okay downward facing dog tuck in the shirt if you like and bring it up as you exhale sink a little lower into that stretch lengthen the arm sink the heels down good feel that mat underneath you as the leg stretch out long lean muscles and then let’s bring it forward into the extreme cap tippy toes pull the ABS in the hands are under the shoulders feel that spine ripple exhale bring it back do a little dramatic stretch out the spine shifting the weight forward and back good inhale forward exhale back fix the cap and one more time just keep on moving keep on moving move those shoulders activate now let’s take it from extreme cat to upward facing dog so we’re here we’re going to drop down squeeze the glutes if it’s too much bring the tops of your feet to the mat or drop the knees down squeeze the gluts shoulders back and then back into your extreme cap again exhale inhale oh that’s nice exhale bring it back stretch pull the tail bone up towards the sky two more times very good for the spine articulating it all the way from top to bottom one more time one day more shoulders back elbows in bring it up vinyasa flow classic power yoga down dog inhale to plank one of my favorites I teach it all the time to the joy of my clients elbows in lower down hover for a moment bring it all the way down forearms to modify or hands under into upward facing dog shoulders back squeeze your butt squeeze the tops of your thighs back to down dog put it together again inhale exhale hover hold sink down open up stretching from every conceivable angle back fix the cap let’s do it once again slow it down good use the strength in your arms and your shoulders squeeze the abdominals slowly lower down hang out here have some tea and then open up all right bring it back to down dog my friends take your right leg up big extension lengthen the arms now sweep that right foot through we have our Crescent lunge fix the shirt the knee is above the ankle bring the arms up knee hugs our leg hugs it’s like a fake one you’re actually hugging your exhale down squeeze the ABS lift up you got the legs working you got the core working you’re working balance every time you do it you feel your body adapt and strengthen a little bit more two more times guys ladies and gentlemen bring it down lift a little back bend in there there we go oh yeah little early in the morning okay now bring the hands down step back let’s do a flow a little more speed all these controls sweep the chest through this time open up come back up string is out left leg back extending extending now the left foot comes through use the hands if you need to bring it up get that lunch by the way this back heel sink it down you inhale exhale lift extend conquer yeah don’t worry about numbers go with the feeling of it with the control how well can you do it how well can you improve each time these these are designed to always improve to build on you always get stronger all right bring the hands down stepping back down dog now wide legged wide legged down dog and leave with the chest bring it forward down elbows in press it to plank and then back so hit the moments we come to plank we lower down up that called dive bombers it’s kind of a warm up it’s a prep for the Hindu push up which I’ll show you in a moment elbows in abs are tight up back now the Hindu there’s a fence in front of you you’re sneaking in to steal some yoga mats or maybe you’re sneaking out so you’re gonna duck underneath that fence elbows in and then lift up squeeze the glutes you got to go back through then so down press back let’s do that again smooth slowly you’re scraping the ground it’s very dramatic very controlled three more times feel the back making all sorts of fun little sounds adjustments to more use that breath the breath is always there last one guys good shoulders back for always good proper form sweat in the eyes and let’s bring the feet in walk or jump the feet in and lift up chair pose alright and everyone see me feet hip width apart press it back it’s a squat shoulders back or hands in front of the heart each exhale go back a little further a fantastic pose for your legs and your glutes all right let’s walk the legs one heel at a time sink down through the glutes feel the calves shaking it’s all goods the muscles working harder when they shake it means they’re going further than they have before good safe environment all right one more time each leg and then forward fold fantastic stretch back to down dog now take that right leg up sweep that right knee forward as you round the upper back exhale back so it’s that extreme cat again exhale inhale three more times can open the hip a little if you like and once more good bring it back swing that foot forward again we have our lunge we have our lunge side bend bring it to the right reach that hand to the floor I hear a lawnmower and then other side keep those abs tight keep the balance once again each side remember the foundation of your legs keep sinking down into that lunge hi there alright hands down looks good let’s do a flow in between plank lower down sweep through squeeze the glutes back to down dog left leg let’s do that rounded extreme cat five times inhale forward exhale back one more time one more time forward back kindly set the foot down what am i right here side Bend big reach work the legs work to balance all that’s magnificent magnificent again each side and last time stretch excellent bring the hands down pressing back take it into your plank T stands inhale open up the arm let’s add a twist thread the needle inhale open back to plank get the plank guys open red open down my hand comes right underneath my shoulder I’m squeezing as I thread the arm through I’m inhaling as I open and then back do one more each side you can also stack the legs none of them trust in your core guys open sometimes you do a little breakdancing on this by falling over but not today ah there we are now bring the knees down take the hands to your lower back or back into camel relax your lower back press the hips forward camel to the dolphin forearms down press up walk the feet low further forward press your chest towards the legs big workout for the arms and the shoulders excellent one more time into the camel number you can have the hands here if you want keep the chin tucked knees are hip width apart protect that lower back ah the camel how many camels here in Central Florida just what I’m doing right now all right one more time into your dolphin it’s dolphin time now you can walk the legs here a little bit if you like stretch the arm stretch the shoulders great for toning up flabbiness in the arms and shoulders all right one more time each leg sink the heel down so nice so yummy and downward facing dog jumper walk the feet forward rising up shake out the arms of the legs okay hopefully you could see me my cut off the top of my finger atop of my head that’s okay I call this a Tony Stark move the Iron Man move it was featured in my Avengers workout you’re going to open up into a triangle so the hip opens foot comes in ha and bring it down there’s your triangle from here you’re going to go into reverse warrior bend the knee reach that arm up and extend nice and tall alright and then bring it to the extreme triangle a little different variation so you’re always doing the reverse warrior and then either regular triangle arm up but draw it back work on that leg my left leg keeps changing I can sink down a little bit more each time and I love this stretch here all the way down the side slimming the sides do it one more time each one triangle strong foundation reverse warrior extreme triangle snap into it okay bring the arm up let’s shift to the other side here’s a sound the legs make when they ship don’t squeeze these thighs squeeze them they’re yours squeeze them it’s a solid foundation for the triangle which really works those legs so keep them engaged engaged arm up triangle squeezing between a screen door and a door inhale reverse sink that knee down Denise does not go past the toes if mine is I apologize no it’s not good all right extreme or just extended triangle get the word extreme is not to your liking they’re just words words words words as Hamlet said it’s the action since the feeling that means everything we don’t talk about working out we do it it makes all the difference in theory doesn’t really mean much let me get down here and we do it we put our body through these movements it wakes up the mind wakes up you realize how much the mind and body work together how much they must work together to really enjoy your life all right triangle now let’s do it one more time each one feeling use the control there we are extreme all right bring it down on to the mat and feet flat do a little tuck into the shirt arms to the side start with a bridge inhale bringing it up into the bridge my car my car key is in my back pocket that’s uncomfortable but the alligator get it bring legs together Mambo bridge great for if you’re doing West Side Story I want you to take the hips side to side now granted I know it looks a little weird let’s see for guys if there’s guys out there watching which I’m sure there are but it really works the glutes and the lower back you get that control in there you can take the arms off the mat back and forth working the hips squeezing the back muscles squeezing the glute muscles alright four more times one two three four I’m um um um um um um alright walk out ridges arms to the sides step out out in in like the hokey pokey I don’t think I’ve ever done how in it stay lifted take the arms up a little more advanced good let the feet fall gently like you’re sneaking up on someone it be interesting if you had to sneak up on someone in this pose but now you know how out out in in still one more time keeping the foundation of the pose in in fantastic bring it up half boat remember this one let’s finish strong with this magnificent pose perhaps we’ll do a little add on so we’re here shoulders are back abs are tight tuck the chin slightly let’s do the twist we did the full boat back and forth now we’re going to twist to the right and extend the legs out good whole that’s easy for me to say inhale Center twist little shaking shaking builds character tell your friends out inhale Center exhale twist do it one more time each side so so much easier to do without the shoes I always work out with my shoes on not that it’s easy at all don’t get me wrong it’s very challenging now grab the feet or anywhere on the legs extended boat massive full body stretch again you can grab behind your calves what you want to do is keep your core tight or your roll backwards like a bowling pin extend the legs bring the legs towards the upper body elbows out each exhale go a little further your whole body should be shaking that’s what we want that is the path to health and fitness and slimming and toning and etc etc extended a little closer closer Empire Strikes Back okay keeping those abs tight balancing bear oh here come the lawnmowers now you can grab here you want to open up the hips keep your body lengthen your shoulders down your core is tight full balancing bear it’s grabbing the feet just like the extended bridge open up drop the shoulders it takes every part of your being every morsel in your mind and your body to keep this pose lifted to keep it improving safety shoulders down feel those ABS flattening and massaging and toning and also the stretch component it’s really pretty out in it balancing bear I just was in Montana hiking for a couple weeks happy to say we’re sad to see I didn’t see any bears other than in pictures I doubt if they do this very often I have seen a photo of a grizzly doing this I would never call them out on it all right bring it in shake out the arms shake out the legs all right guys there’s a great flow right there great flow for facilitating weight loss and fat burning through poses using no weights and no machines I’m doing them right here at this amphitheater in town you can do them anywhere anywhere you are at home the gym traveling the break room at work inspire everybody else to do this get healthy and fit feel good look good let’s do a little stretch here grabbing forward hinging forward remember always shot in real time there’s no editing here there’s no matrix stuff here look there’s no matrix stuff here all right seated position cross legged shake out the arms sitting nice and tall feel the hips open let’s take the arms up with the inhale side bends long stretch stretching stretching stretching stretching Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice all right one more time each side long arms press that opposite hip awake and look up to that arm if you like Pilates for men it says on my shirt I have that DVD and download at my store which should be above here is actually filmed about 100 yards over there by the lake the link that’s full of alligators so check out my store get that down low get that DVD it’s won many awards including Best Male workout from Pilate style magazine all right bring the hands down little twist and one other side we’re very thorough today it’s good stuff one more time arms up palms together as the hands come down feel your chest lift fill your chin tuck a little bit all namaste my friends thank you so much for joining me good fun workout we could do anywhere I love to be able to to learn these moves to incorporate them into my own workouts it in and then show you also so we can all just do it together and live and happiness and harmony Shawn vegan vegan is calm check out the website join me on my Facebook page daily updates free workouts my podcast is on my webpage I got all sorts of stuff just check it out I’d love to hear from you can email me on my website Shawn big Fitness com a pleasure as always namaste and I’ll see you next time I’m going to go do some yard work now and I have much more energy to do it ..

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  1. its a very good workout, but besides the Asanas, it has not a lot to do with Yoga. Besides, someone that is overweight might not be able to do any of the asanas until 4:00, because the needed muscles haven’t been in use in most cases. Which means, someone starting will already have a very negative start – I think its an excellent workout, but its not targeted to people who really want to use, or have to lose weight with Yoga.

  2. Such a beautiful workout. Sean made mention of Iron Man unknown to him he would buy an Iron Man Toyota Rav Nov, 2018. So great to do life with you Sean Vigue

  3. Good stuff! I have a little experience in yoga, but this was a great change of pace. I’ve recently been doing a ton of high impact work outs, and that has subsequently led to some problems with my hip and my knee (I’m not as old as that sounds). This yoga routine was perfect for what I need while I strengthen and recover. Thanks, and I will be telling my friends to check you out!

  4. 2 months on & I’ve finally nailed the extending boat & balancing bear!! XP
    I remember getting very annoyed with myself mid-fall when I first tried this.. hehe


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