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5 Exercises To Improve Eyesight With Myopia Without Surgery-How To Improve Your Vision At Home

5 Exercises To Improve Eyesight With Myopia Without Surgery-How To Improve Your Vision At Home

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Hi, I’m Alex Lukyanov! In this video, I will talk about 5 exercises that will help you to improve vision at home. Happened that at the age of 13 I developed myopia. I saw only the first two rows in this table. I had to stretch my eyes for seeing what the teacher wrote on the board. How to fix myopia? In 1992, the Internet was not yet available.

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So I went to the doctor. In addition, the first thing he said to me. Forget the glasses. Because every six months you will have to change them, because your eyes will see worse. In addition, very soon you are waiting for big problems and strong myopia. He showed me something like this. The second thing he said to me was that you can improve your vision without glasses, if you do 5 simple myopia eye exercises for three months every day. Then, in simple way, he explained to me that our eyes are controlled by the same muscles as the arms and legs.

Moreover, bad eyesight is the result of their underdevelopment. After that, he gave me a set of exercises. Which I honestly did three times a day in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening for half a year. In addition, my vision improved by 5 6 points per eye. Now I will show you these exercises.

They are quite simple and you can even invent them by yourself. First Exercise pull hand forward. Find a point on the finger where you will look. For example, this is the area of the nail. Focus your gaze on the nail and start to move your hand to the right and to the left. In addition, you do not move your head accordingly.

Watch your finger only with your eyes. To make your eyes tight, not the muscles of your neck. You can move left to right, up down. Move your finger until you stop seeing it. As you stopped seeing, you begin reverse movement. Slide your finger slowly enough. You do not need to do such fast movements. Smooth slow movements.

Second Exercise Go to the window and select three fixed objects at different distances. For example, it could be your finger, tree and cloud. Then alternately move your eyes from the finger to the tree, from the tree to the cloud and so in the reverse order. Third Exercise Rub your hands lightly. Then close your eyes. Bring your hands to your eyes.

In addition, push the seconds into two. Then open them, blink, and again pressed for 2 seconds. So sometime during a minute to do. Fourth Exercise is a circular movement of the eyes on clockwise and counterclockwise. You do it slowly, surveying all the objects that you can see on the perimeter. That is, your task is to make it slowly by your eyes one after the other.

Once again, I remind you that your head does not move, only your eyes. Fifth Exercise Again, stretch out your arm, look at the nail and bring it closer to the nose as close as possible, and then move away. That is, again, you do everything slowly, smoothly, you need not be hurry. Thinking you have the sense. The task is to make the eyes train at different distances, moving at different speeds and looking in different directions. You can create exercises by yourself or google it and find a couple of the same exercises. There is also you can use a service for eye training.

I did not use it, but I think you will find something interesting. However, the most important thing is to do these exercises 3 times a day for 10 minutes every day for six months. Then the effect will be exactly. Your success is daily work for a long time. That’s all. If you want to get ready made instructions how and what to do for getting success in your life click on the annotation in the lower left corner…

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