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yoga challenge

Beginner Yoga Positions : Corpse Pose In Beginner Yoga

Beginner Yoga Positions : Corpse Pose In Beginner Yoga

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Whether your yoga practice consists of one or two poses or an hour long series of poses, you’ll want to finish with corpse pose. Corpse pose is considered to be the most important pose in yoga; and it’s also the most enjoyable pose in yoga for us, for most of us. So, corpse pose is very simple to set up and you’ll want to make sure that the phone doesn’t ring, that the door’s shut and the lights are low and stretch out the legs and set up a comfortable place where you can lie out where you can lie with your body extended.

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And tuck in your chin, roll down onto your back. It’s very nice here to have support for your head, if you have a blanket or a towel to use. And you can practice corpse pose with the knees bent and the hands folded onto the belly. You can also practice corpse pose with the legs straight and a little bit a part and you can have the palms a little bit away from the body but the palms face up.

Relaxing the eyes, closing the eyes if you’re comfortable, and coming back to that easy, full yoga breath letting the belly button move away from the spine on the inhale and letting the belly button fall toward the spine on the exhale. This is a pose where your mind and your body expose the benefits from your practice. Where your muscle groups integrate the re education that they have been experiencing through your practice. It’s also very wonderful for you endocrine systems, the glands, thyroid, pituitary, adrenal just some of the important glands in our body.

And corpse pose, you can choose to stay there anywhere from five minutes to twenty minutes. And when you’re ready to get up, bending the knees, rolling to one side and pressing your way up to sit. And then bringing the hands to the heart, with the thumbs lightly resting on the sternum, bowing the head to the heart…

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