yoga challenge
yoga challenge

Beginning Yoga Poses : Yoga Tree Pose

Beginning Yoga Poses : Yoga Tree Pose

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From Mountain Pose to Tree Pose, we’re now going to work unilaterally instead of having both feet planted on the ground. But first, again anchor yourself. Balance and center that weight through all four corners of the feet.

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And, we’re going to take one foot and we’re going to place it either on the lower part of the leg and make sure you’re activating through the top of your head. We’re going to bring our hands in prayer position and this is a strengthening and balanced pose for the legs core. Now if you can, you can release into neutral. And, then pull it right back up. And, if you can get it above the lower leg. And, you want to hold and just balance always keeping a slight bend in the supporting leg.

And, as you’re working more active range of motion turn out in the leg you have bent. You don’t want to force any movement onto the knee joint. And, release. Come neutral. Activate your supporting leg. This time it’s the opposite leg on the left side. And, either place that inside of that foot on the lower part of the leg or you’ll come up and you’ll put it on the inside thigh. But, don’t press on the knee joint.

And, just hold the pose. Find something that you can focus on that doesn’t move, so you can hold your balance. Breathing, inhale and exhale. One more time. Breathe, inhale and exhale.

Release back to mountain pose. Distribute that weight evenly. Hips and shoulders square. And, if you want to make it more advanced you can extend your arms up above your head. Which, creates more of a balance challenge.

But, make sure you always have your basic foundation of your Tree Pose before you move into a more advanced version…

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