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The Cash Grab Continues With… Goat Yoga and Meditation.

Look, I’m completely happy with more people getting into Yoga and meditation. It can be great. It can be transformative. It can also be downright stupid. A famous mountaineer got down from the over commercialized Mt Everest once and immediately said he’d like to go back to real mountaineering. That’s exactly how I currently feel […]

Psychedelics and Yoga (Hear Me Out)

I know. I know. This topic is likely going to ruffle some feathers and it’s not going to be everybody’s cup of tea but I think it’s worth talking about. Now, some disclaimers, I don’t have experience here. I’m relying on stories from other people (ideally – people who actually practice yoga not just someone […]

‘Rage Yoga’ Uses Beer and Cursing To Release Stress

While not entirely new, Rage Yoga has been getting some traction lately and it’s certainly… different. For those who haven’t seen it before the founder was talking about it in a podcast about two years ago: “Some people need to release and let go.” That according to Ashley Duzich at Brash Brewery in Houston, Texas. […]