yoga challenge
yoga challenge

Easy Yoga – Senior Exercise Video

Easy Yoga – Senior Exercise Video

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one of my favorite ways to start it today is with a stretch to my spine and it’s easy and safe to do line up your toe tips like our starting line line your feet so they’re parallel a little bit in your knees and take a big breath raise the arms up use the arms to help lift the ribcage lift the arm would stretch and reach for the ceiling if you can wiggle the fingers keep all the length exhale float the arms down we can do that again and now lift the ridge make room for a big white belt lift the armpits away from the hips stretching it long exhale float the arms down we’ll do one more let’s add on inhale raise the arms up reach up stretch up enjoy the length on the exhale drop the elbows down so they’re a little lower than your shoulders spread your fingers brightly my chest is open my heart is lifting squeeze the shoulder blades hips edge forces find a little bit of the knees and on your exhale start to rotate inhale in the direction this feels so good your spine is meant to move forward backwards I bet twist so enjoy this when it feels like you’ve done enough return back to the center and now take one more lengthening stretch do it as a gift for yourself exhale release the arms down after you’ve done that long stretch through the spine now you’re ready to do a back bend and it’s a sweet and gentle you’ll need a blanket open your blanket like so begin rolling it from that short edge until you have a finished product that looks something like this take the open end towards the back of your mat align it in the center keep the frayed edges tucked under so you’re not laying on those sitting in front of your bling and roll and just your legs to your feet your shins your thighs are parallel seat is heavy on your inhale lift the ribs lift the shoulders up towards the ears think of that stretch we did a moment ago as long as you can have the arm bones back crawl your hands back so your spine is supported head is supported blue lah lah feels really good I would like to back my heels up a little more and I’m on my pelvic goal to tilt so I am encouraging a natural curve in the lumbar what also feels really nice is to pretend that you’re laying on some snow draw big snow angel inhale raise the arms out to the side up and overhead my palms are up my chin is lifted keep all the length from the hips to the armpits exhale float the arms back down you can do that as many times as you like it’s pain free nothing we’re doing to her inhale up exhale down one more time if you’d like here’s something else you can try stretching those arms overhead exhale just like we didn’t we’re standing bend the elbows spread the fingers allow the hands to on the floor if you need to widen the hands up so that happens as perfectly flying and then let the blanket roll do all the work you can stay here for a few breaths and enjoy the lift of the part the length of your spine when you’ve had enough to come on close safely remember you’re a few inches off floor keeping the knees bent roll to one side lay your head down lower body’s heavy keep it that way use the strength of your arms and half rise up and it feels really wonderful now I’m ready for my day I hope you are too and stretch long through your arms concave the upper back draw your belly button towards your spine and stretch long to the arms and breathe and release I want you to grab a wrist behind you and allow your head to fall back and lift and squeeze next we’re going to take knees to the side you’re going to bring both knees over to your left try to create some distance between your foot and your knee that would help to open up that healthy girl inhale and exhale over to the other side knees apart and bending from the hip keeping the spine straight want you to lean forward up your arms around through your legs and just allow the weight of your head bring your forehead closer to the floor and breathe it helps to stretch out the lower back okay and please alright next pose is the bent leg pose extend that left leg and how to write light to your chest press the back of that left knee down on your mat very active extended leg this helps to build strength and release time inhale and exhale pressing the back the right knee to the mat draw the right toes towards your nose this will help to stretch out the back of your leg and your knees okay we’re going to do the cat cow so I wanted it take a nice deep inhalation and exhale a really arch your back up high bring your hand down and breathe you hold the pose but not your brow I like to call this Halloween cap inhale and on the exhale lift your chin and drop your sign this helps to build flexibility to this just enjoy the hose once again inhale and exhale you arch your back up and one more time in your head and have that extend your arms out polling in front of you resting your forehead on your mat and breathe today also my teacher says that it’s okay to have our heavy clouds as long as we keep our feet firmly planted you..

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