yoga challenge
yoga challenge

Get Fit And Healthy In 10 Days, Yoga With Esther Ekhart

Get Fit And Healthy In 10 Days, Yoga With Esther Ekhart

This is a short free online Yoga class to get you fit and healthy again after the holiday season. You can do a full 10 day Yoga program on my website. Please find the free introduction class and the first free 30 min Yoga class of the program at the link below:

If you haven’t seen the free audiobook Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide make sure you check it out. It’ll change how you look at Yoga.

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The text:

hi everyone welcome to Akagi yoga my name is Esther happy New Year to you this video will be all about your core to get you back into shape after the holidays if you really want to start your new year fit and healthy I’ve created a 10 day yoga challenge on my website you can click below to see the first part and that 10 day yoga challenge will all be about creating core strength and getting fit through sun salutations and we’re really building up in those 10 days oh it’s great anyway we’re going to start lying on our back place your hands on your belly and just take a breath into your belly just to feel the belly then on an out bread draw the navel in and pull it up a little and then you’re going to extend both legs up to the ceiling inhale here exhale lower your right leg keep the left leg up inhale and hover exhale switch right like our left leg down inhale hover extend through both heels exhale switch inhale hover exhale sweets inhale hover both thighs rotate in a little exhale switch inhale hover keep your toes active exhale sweets inhale hover and keep drawing the lower belly in and the spine to the floor exhale hover sorry sweets inhale hover exhale switz inhale hover exhale switz one more inhale hover exhale switch last one inhale hover exhale switch and bring both knees into your chest draw the belly in lift your head lift your chest reach the arms forward pull the knees in maybe even squeeze your ears with your knees tiny little pecker and hold for five breaths one and really work it to three really pull in four and five release then bring the hands behind your head lift your knees up over the hips feet in line with the knees again draw the lower belly in and up side waist down so the side waist moves down to the floor inhale lift your head and shoulders an exhale left elbow to the right knee extend your left leg inhale back to neutral exhale right elbow to the left knee extend your right leg inhale back to neutral keep going lift your opposite shoulder blades off the floor as well so when you move to the left right elbow to left knee you lift your left shoulder blade off as well keep going so both shoulder blades are lifted exhale elbow to knee inhale back to neutral don’t pull too much on your head the work comes from the core this is really great you do it slow slow in this case is working harder if you go quicker it’s a difference to more you can really feel the burn by now and let go great from here just stretch it out for a moment press the feet down lift the body up back of the body strong front of the body relaxes into the back body take a deep breath and on an out Brett I release back to the floor from here you’re going to come up roll onto your side and come and sit with your feet in front of you your knees bent bring the big toes the base of the big toes together roll the ties in a little ground tie bones into the hip socket so you bring that down and press your sit bones down lift your heart shoulders back and pull the belly in and back and then tip back see can you bring your feet aligned with the knee maybe they’re a little lower perhaps you can extend them all the way out and be here for five breaths one keep grounding the tie boat keep grounding the sit bones keep lifting the heart three four last one five cross your right ankle over the left pull the feeding clothes place your hands on your side push into your hands lift your hips off the floor perhaps your feet for a breath and come back down and we repeat so actually come into it so ground your sit bones lift the heart pull the tie bones into the hip sockets and sit back breathing in exhale relax inhale exhale relax your face one more breath this time on the out breath lie here inhale here exhale pull back in inhale halfway exhale pull back in inhale halfway exhale pull back in last one inhale halfway exhale pull back in and then for a moment move from side to side and you can again really begin to feel all the muscles working okay and we come into a downward facing dog stretch it all out press into your hands top of the knees ties back feet ground sit bones lift and from here bring the forearms to the floor dolphin pose you can walk your feet in keep pressing your armpits back your chest stays open sit bones lift and from here you step back come into a plank pose inhale here on the forearms exhale walk back in lift the sit bones inhale exhale walk back out breathing in shoulders on the back front of the belly into the back inhale exhale walk back and stay here for another few breaths and then place your right hand on the floor place your left arm on the floor come into a regular plank pull the front body into the back body reach back through the heels reach forward through the breastbone and look ahead of you and draw the feet in without moving them so the inner thighs become active four five two more breaths next out breath pull it back downward facing dog pose really extend the arms extend the spine extend the legs breathe and walk your feet into your hands and just rest here palms facing up at a head bank hand glues and then on the out breath come to a seated position okay so that was quite enough for core work you can really feel this whole area working of course if you can’t do it all right now then just build up to it slowly just do a couple of repetitions and then so you can do it all and once more if you really want to build up to this kind of strength then follow my 10 day program my 10 day challenge it really really works I did it myself obviously when filming it and I’ve never been stronger so go for it it’s such a great feeling to have a strong core and to be fit for the new year so again to see part 1 click on the link below in the description and I hope to see you on the website thank you bye bye..

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  1. @Esther Ekhart are you related to the vine growers in lake county? Thank you for your videos they have helped a lot I’ve lost 100 lbs in almost a year I’m working on getting toned

  2. There are several things for doing yoga to lose weight
    Find a suitable program locally or online and stick to it
    Do yoga with a friend so you have someone to help you
    (I learned these and the reasons they work on Betwans yoga blog website )


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