yoga challenge
yoga challenge

How To Do The Spilts- Square Your Hips First

How To Do The Spilts- Square Your Hips First


S Q U A R E?

In Module 6 of the BeyondMovementTraining we focus on the Pelvis and Truth. In our intermediate variations we add this Square Hip Splits Prep Movement. I think it works so perfectly with our metaphysical focus on Truth because for some individuals we have been performing side splits without a lot of alignment/ integrity since we were children, so this week we get to be truthful with our bodies as well as our mindset! “The Truth shall set you free. This week we practice being truthful and honest, with ourselves, with others, and with everything. In this module you are challenged to stop hiding behind your little lies & justifications: for why you’re not happy, why you can’t have your heart, and why your relationships don’t work. You are challenged to tell the truth about nutrition and what is and is not good for your lifestyle, your health and happiness. No more excuses. It is time to live your Truth. It is time to be true to yourself. The Truth Is: You’re not addicted to anything, your are not broken, you are not a failure, you are not incapable, and you are not afraid of at all. You Are Love, Joy, Harmony, Peace and Passion. This is the Truth. But for you to experience the Truth, you must be the practitioner of It. This week is about being and living your Truth…”

If you haven’t seen the free audiobook Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide make sure you check it out. It’ll change how you look at Yoga.

-Jeremy Blake Lee (he wrote my 12 principles and supports us in our journey to self love)

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this movement is a kind of crop for square head slits and again this is another Pilate style movement my yoga teacher when I was in my late teens and early 20s always called this poor man’s Pilates because you can just use a sliding blanket now again hips are nice and square your front and you can have a little bit of a bend if your hamstrings aren’t quite as open and if you’re able to go down into the splits just make sure that you’re staying square and even so about half way through about 30 seconds in I fold forward to just continue to deepen that also notice that I am stretching and opening my back hip flexor and my quad you’re doing your box to keep your spine as straight as possible your neck as neutral as possible and you can move a slow..

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