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yoga challenge

Kundalini Hatha Yoga – Part 1 – Bhastrika Pranayama With Third Eye Meditation – Mark T. Kinder

Kundalini Hatha Yoga – Part 1 – Bhastrika Pranayama With Third Eye Meditation – Mark T. Kinder

Bhastrika Pranayama: two rounds of 20, then two rounds of 30, work up to two rounds

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Inhale and exhale strongly until wheezing sound occurs on exhale.

Lungs, heart, and mind become quiet

Removes residual air from lungs that contains negative thoughts such as sorrow and grief.

Lungs fill with fresh, cheerful air that brings great silence.

Cheeks become bright beautifying the smile.

Massages liver, kidneys, and pancreas.

Improves kidney filtration, liver function, and nutrient absorption.

Aids in gradual weight loss.

Improves gallstones by massaging the liver and spleen.

Avoid during pregnancy, diarrhea, and menstruation.

If you prefer to read:

sit in a comfortable cross legged position straighten your back and place your hands on your knees palms facing up bring your first finger and thumb together and settle into your seated position relax your belly and allow your shoulders to relax gently away from your ears so there’s no stress or tension in your shoulders or neck allow the jaw bone to sit parallel to the floor relax the jaw bone have the tip of the tongue touching the roof of the mouth just behind the teeth relax the muscles of the face temples forehead and scalp lovingly bring your attention to the space two inches behind the center of the eyebrows with no strain in the eyebrows physical eyes brain or mind visualize a small hole between the eyebrows about the size of a dime and start to breathe lightly in and out through this imaginary hole between the eyebrows so as you inhale fresh energy flows in and as you exhale relax the brain relax the mind and let all stress and tension go try to stay focused here all the way through the entire practice this meditation is called shambhavi mudra you bhastrika pranayama sit in a comfortable cross legged position hands on the knees palms facing up hands in gianna mudra take a full breath in exhale complete hale expanding the ribcage exhale compress the ribcage downwards inhale full breath exhale navel not presses to the spine inhaling inflating the lungs and exhale completely deflate the lungs inhaling feel the ribcage lift up high exhale feel the whole body compress inwards inhaling exhale nice steady pace inhale full breath feel the ribcage exhale completely empty the loan inhaling and exhale try to stay relaxed inhaling exhale firmly press the navel back inhaling feel the ribcage expand exhale feel the lungs expanding with strong powerful breaths exhaling forcefully pushing the air out inhaling tried to stay calm as you breathe keeping the attention focused between the eyebrows powerful breaths keep going we’ll complete 20 breaths here then we’ll do a second set you and now straighten the back relax the belly but the shoulders relax from the ears relax the jaw bone and all the muscles of the face and once again focus your attention softly and gently two inches behind the center of the eyebrows with no strain forehead eyebrows brain or mind bhastrika pranayama second set inhale fully max Hale complete healing expanding the ribs exhale navel tucks to the spine inhale full breath exhale strongly empty the lungs stay focused between the eyebrows keep the mind calm and all the muscles of your face relaxed keep breathing deep exhaling completely and we’ll do the rest in silence so follow along powerful breaths calm steady mind once again relax the entire body from head to toe hidden parallel to the floor all the muscles of the face completely relaxed calmly focused two inches behind the center of the eyebrows no strain in the forehead eyebrows brain no mind sit quietly and try to relax and surrender your entire being into the third eye region now slowly open your eyes to stop kapalabhati breeding which is part two in the kundalini hatha yoga on Yama series you..

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Comment (9)

  1. However, unless someone is practicing long breath retention exercises then most pranayama exercises and kriyas are safe, if they are taught properly. This sequence has been tried and tested on thousands of people with only positive benefits from the lineage of Dr ? Vasant Lad

  2. These pranayama exercises and kriyas are quite safe. I’ve been teaching them for a few years now and people from all walks of life have benefited. Pranayama only becomes dangerous when one practices long breath retentions before they are ready, especially when practicing alternate nostril breathing.

  3. Nice video.
    I have read/heard that Bhastrika should not be practiced for more than 5 minutes (each time). What is your take on that? Thanks.

  4. Thanks for the reply (tu es francais aussi non?)!

    You still need to draw a line between basic and complex.
    Some say to focus on mudra and ratio. Some don t.

    Surya Bhedana (right nostril breath) and Chandra Bhedana are sometimes comsidered basics. Sometimes it is indicated that your condition is very important in chosing which or either to do (and also not to do them on the same day).

    Uddiyana Bandha is sometimes preented as very advanced and sometimes not…

    You can PM me for discussion.

  5. How does a beginner start? Do we just do one exercise at a time and master it ? When do you suggest that all the exercises are done in one sitting ? After how many weeks of practicing individual breathing techniques should one do them all together?

  6. Pranayama can be dangerous if taught incorrectly. Typically, those who are mentally unstable, have emotional problems, pitta imbalance, or are taking psychiatric medication, as the increase in prana can enhance their problem and make their condition worse


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