yoga challenge
yoga challenge

Man Loses Over 300Lbs From Yoga And Hard Work

Man Loses Over 300Lbs From Yoga And Hard Work

A year and a half ago, Jared was finally sick and tired of his life. He was always fat, but after gaining more and more weight his entire life, he weighed over 500 lbs at his 40th birthday. He was finally ready to do something about it.

If you haven’t seen the free audiobook Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide make sure you check it out. It’ll change how you look at Yoga.

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  1. Well this made me cry. Now I feel retarded for stressing out over the 25 lbs I want to lose. Won’t be hard now..He is amazing!!!

  2. I used to weight 221 and I was getting fatter every day and I always told myself that I would work out and I never did it but one day I said if I keep lying to myself I will never succeed in my goals so I been running and I lost 35 pounds

  3. Superb ….one of my fave vids ,next time I feel a bit down and get fed up with the weight loss journey this will add a log to the fire


  4. amazing I just turned 40 years old today and I weight 540 pounds I would love to lose weight people like you inspire me but I just need that extra push so if you’re there I would love for you to help me in some kind of way thank you

  5. An impressive accomplishment by a courageous man. I was also moved to tears when Jared was overcome with emotion. Bravo, brother – bravo!

  6. if I lose 200 pounds I will come back in here in two people yoga does help I will come back here in 12 months and put down my results goodbye

  7. that’s the thing, it’s that first step that is the problem, it takes immense strength of character, emotion and guts to take it but once it has been taken then the second, third, fourth and fifth step etc becomes a little bit easier to take as you progress. i am currently trying to take my first step but haven’t quite got there yet ! well done to this guy and everyone else who has found the strength and will to do this ! i hope that i can follow in your footsteps soon.

  8. 324 pounds I’ve been doing yoga 4 three months now I’ve lost 25 pounds if I continue this 4 12 more months can I lose that many and for anyone who is asking yes I am on a diet


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