yoga challenge
yoga challenge

My Results After Yoga Daily For 30 Days!

My Results After Yoga Daily For 30 Days!

Pardon the no make-up look! =/ Today I’m coming to you briefly to share my experience and results after doing yoga daily (for only 10

If you haven’t seen the free audiobook Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide make sure you check it out. It’ll change how you look at Yoga.

mins) for just 30 days!!!

ABOUT US: We are Elizabeth & Joe! She’s a Realtor and he is a Medical Equipment Tech and they raise her 12 year old son Riley in southern Arizona, her 10 year old son Konnor lives in Arkansas with his Dad. To us living life to the fullest is of utmost importance! That pertains to always learning, always traveling, exploring everything we can, homeschooling, techie toys, home Science projects and most often you will see travel adventures of Elizabeth’s gardening adventures and projects while she attempts to learn how to grow food and help plants thrive in the Sonoran Desert, while repairing the soil life using sunken beds and Back to Eden style deep mulch practices! Permaculture is also a huge part of what is happening on the farm! They raise silkie hens (maybe more in the future) and have 2 rescue dogs, Max & Bella! Come along for the ride, we love to share!

**I use my LG V10 cell phone to record most videos and here used my Nikon tripod.


If you prefer to read:

everybody has a listen with little brown big dreams I’m just coming to you bro click because I don’t know if I want to do like update on this or not but I just completed my first 30 days of doing yoga every morning while I committed to doing it in it today when I do my morning meditation and I just did my body measurements I don’t weigh myself because I’m a previous weight loss person and I found in that experience in the years of losing 75 pounds that the scale is not my friend I have emotional ties to the scale and a lot women do so I just decided to remove that control it has over me and I just started 30 days ago I did my body measurements so anyways so I just finished my yoga for this morning and I lost 9 inches false 9 inches in the last 30 days I have only committed 10 minutes they do it so I am super jazzed about that primarily I’ve noticed the difference in my waist and my hips which is awesome and I’m going to add to that with my experience with weight lifting running and hiking I’ve never been able to lose inches in my bicep before and in the last month I lost an inch on both biceps with tomato yoga so I’m really stoked about that and I just want to share that with the channel I figure you know once a month when I do my measurements I might just do update on how things are going so I wanted to let you guys know I’m really super excited about it I’m just really enjoying life and spitting tonnato myself in the morning allows me the time to kind of decompress loosen up think some positive affirmations and it really just proved to be like such a wonderful way for me to start my name now I want to try it you might not but I just wanted to say it’s worth working really well for me and I just do six or seven poses and I hold them until I can’t hold them anymore that’s why it I don’t tie myself I try and push myself further every day I do poses that I’m comfortable with or some that are a little bit challenging so that as they get less challenging I can make them more challenging it’s a wonderful thing about yoga I just went online and I found some poses I knew would help strengthen my lower back and would give me the flexibility that I was looking for and a couple days would hopefully tone my arms and I’ve just been doing them every day once you do them like for I’d say probably about a week you memorize them before that I had pictures that would refer to as I would kind of put them in order so I could try and move as seamlessly as possible from one pose to the next and so that’s why I did it I’m not going to be doing a how to video holiday yoga because there are plenty of those on you can find them elsewhere anyway so that’s how things are going and I want to let you guys know and hopefully today find you happy and healthy..

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  1. I do about 20-30 minutes of yoga + walking a day(besides Sunday which is my rest day, on that day I just walk)! This just keeped me motivated! Thank you! My first month I lost 20 pds and I feel awesome! I used to have bad back pain, but its gotten better from doing yoga! Consistency and eating heathly are not always easy, but its so worth it!!

  2. Thanks for sharing your yoga results! Im searching youtube coz I want to get into it fr flexibility and also weight loss and fitness. Found this and I appreciate 🙂

  3. This is motivational xo But i do not understand why the pardon for wearing no makeup, women do not have to put on makeup to please others, you are gorgeous the way you are!


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