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yoga challenge

Promising Non-Surgical Correction For Deviated Septum.

Promising Non-Surgical Correction For Deviated Septum.

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hi my name is Jason and I’m here at the clinic today to get treatment from dr: Lawrence and I’ve been having some problems breathing through my nose I had a deviated septum I had served round it didn’t help so I thought I’d come in here and see what type of treatment that I could get to help my symptoms go ahead and take a deep breath through your nose again all right your jaw and your eyes are gonna be shifted to the right side in the right spot most you can relax to this the better okay so take a deep breath and eyes and jaw go to the right breath in and hold that so he just had the treatment yeah sick man I water a little bit what that feel like it felt like you moved yeah I think you felt like you just open the door yeah like a door is closed and you just pried it open so yeah I felt really it feels uh feels better now yeah go ahead and breathe in it sounds a little different we just did the one side today yeah we did the right side I can’t wait to the left but yeah I’m the right side even it’s a lot more smooth than once before yeah yeah just took a second too so yeah that’s cool here we are finished the second treatment day to both sides ah much better everybody should do this tell me about how you’ve been feeling the last 24 hours um I slept much better last night like a breathe and it’s just a big difference because I can I could breathe through both sides of my nose even though you didn’t one nostril yesterday I breathe a lot better yesterday and better oxygen levels need better energy and better overall well being so I feel a lot better yeah so I can’t wait to get the rest of this going Oh cake space thanks good it’s been a really good positive experience obviously the right side was pretty much cleared up completely left side you did again today and I’ve had a lot more luck breathing I’ve had a lot just better quality of life because before I couldn’t read through my nose all you know on up and like I said I went to a doctor and my deviated septum worked on didn’t help came in here we did this for days and feels totally different at a positive way much better than my nose now so all right makes you feel better a lot more oxygen body a lot more healthier you..

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  1. For those asking, what you can’t see in this video is that a small balloon is inserted into the nasal cavity to allow for better alignment of the bones of the skull. I do this in my Los Angeles office if someone wants to make their own video.

  2. I don’t have health care so I’m YouTube trying to find a way to perform surgery on myself or anything that can help. I’m so desperate I may use metal straws in my nose that force my airways open.

  3. I had a horrible nose bleed and multiple caurterizations for it, as it wouldn’t stop, due to the tiny area it was in in the tiny space, as it was on the side deviated in my nose and I always have stuffed up on that one side and sinus issues, and my ex, I’m a former domestic violence victim, used to punch me and apparently deviated my septum. My nose used to be straight and smaller than it looks today. Does this fix the crooked look or do you need to break the bone and reset for that to take place and if so, what’s the downtime and is it covered by insurance??

  4. Very interesting I wonder if this would be an option for my 3 year old. I’m not sure what going on but he’s always snored and I noticed while laying with him he pauses while breathing, From researching surgery seems like the only option but this is really neat.

  5. I know exactly what he did (well actually i dont really know but i can tell you my solution for 10 minute free breathing)…. Its like cracking your fingers (you know to bend them until you get that cracking sound and feeling which sometimes feels pretty pleasent). I just push pretty hardly with my finger against the deviated septum and it cracks like the fingers do if you push them too much. After this the septum is a bit wider for 10 minutes and it goes back in its usual position. Been doing this for years but it never was something permanent. Sometimes it feels great tho cause you are able to breathe properly for some minutes.


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