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yoga challenge

Stretches For The Inflexible! Complete Beginners Flexibility With Nico | Dance, Gymnastics, Splits

Stretches For The Inflexible! Complete Beginners Flexibility With Nico | Dance, Gymnastics, Splits

Nico shares stretches for people who think they aren’t flexible to help improve flexibility for dance, cheerleading, gymnastics and more.

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#Stretches for the Inflexible! #CompleteBeginners #Flexibility with Nico | #Dance,#Gymnastics

Nico shares stretches for people who think they aren’t flexible to help improve flexibility for dance, cheerleading, gymnastics and more. These stretches can help you work toward your splits, scorpion and other challenging poses.

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Video text:

hey everyone its miko and today i’m going to be taking you through a complete beginners flexibility routine if you’re someone who feels that flexibility is one of your weakest suits this video is for you so we’re going to start standing on the mat and I’m going to bring my right arm up and just place it over the other side of my head and just let gravity pull me down this is something that you always want to keep in your mind while you’re stretching is to just let gravity do all of the work you’re not necessarily pushing yourself into anything because that can cause pain just letting your neck fall using the weight of your right arm to pull on your neck and then we’ll switch to the other side again you don’t want to be pulling down on your neck as that could have hurt you just rest it there then we’ll wrap both arms behind our head to go forward just let it dangle every time you breathe your muscles get more relaxed and finally we’ll just hang our head back maybe shake it a little bit side to side and then we’ll take one roll and then to the other side little roller shoulders back and forward back and forward then I’ll step my feet out be a little bit more than hip width apart and we’ll plie or bend the knees to reach up and breathe and then come back down reach up breathe going to do this a few times and what we’re doing here is really stretching out the whole body and letting it warm up getting all the muscles moving before we start stretching and this is something that you should always always do before you stretch you don’t want to just start pushing your body into something it’s not ready for if your muscles are warm you’re going to find that the flexibility comes much easier awesome job guys great so for this next stretch I’m going to grab this stool behind me but you can grab anything in your house it’s about that height a desk a table or a chair anything will work so if you need to grab that go ahead and do that now so I’m going to come and place my feet more than hip width apart and then we’re going to lean forward to rest our hands on this stool and this is just to make getting into this stretch a lot easier you really want to make progress here and make sure that you’re not putting too much pressure on your hands but it’s there to keep it from being too painful so let’s hold here make sure you’re breathing sending oxygen to your hamstrings while you stretch them and try as hard as you can to relax because the more relaxed your muscles are the more flexible they will be and then I will come up and we’ll move it a little bit to the side so that it makes a line with my leg and then I’ll come to the side in this position I want to make sure my hips are even and I’m not letting one be higher than the other and again I’m breathing and then we’ll come back up and move it to the other side and you can also be moving your body instead of the stool or chair or whatever you’re using I’m going to breathe and back up and just one more time for good measure we’re going to come back to the center so I’m going to come down on my elbows here to give myself a little bit of an extra stretch but I only recommend doing this if you’re able to keep your back flat while doing so and by that I mean it’s engaged your shoulder blades or tucks down pulling towards your lower back and you aren’t letting it arch up like this just keeping it nice and flat should be parallel to the ground and if you aren’t able to do that here it didn’t come back up on to your hands and then will come back up the stand so where this next stretch we’re going to be sitting on the ground so I’m going to move this stool out of our way I’m going to sit back on the edge of my mat and extend my legs out to either side now in a full straddle stretch your legs will be straight but in our modified version we’ll have our legs bent here let’s take our knees up off of the ground and from here it’ll just go as far forward as you can now I encourage you to place your hands a foot maybe two feet in front of your hips and from here you want to slowly try and straighten your legs bringing your knees to touch the ground so that’s what you’re fighting for you just want to hold so straddle stretch is a great stretch to be able to see your own progress in I encourage you to pay attention to the floor if you’re stretching in the same place every day you’ll start to see your hands move along and it’s really encouraging so while you’re pulling to get into these stretches a little bit deeper you always want to make sure you’re pulling from the right place and the common thing to do is pull the top of your head down to try and pull yourself closer to the ground but you actually want to pull your chest closer and that’s going to keep your back lifted and your shoulder blades pinched together like the flat back I was talking about earlier so you’re able to reach out and really go to the fullest extent of your stretch so for now make sure you’re pulling your chest out and think about trying to get that pulled down all the way to the ground okay so now we’re going to stretch each side and in a normal straddle stretch we could stay here and then fold over to each side but to make it a bit easier we bring our all visit leg in and then go over so you want to grab on to your leg and pull your chest closer as you stretch and you want to make sure you’re keeping that back flat you will be able to reach farther if you arch but you’re losing all of that nice stretch in the back of your leg all through your hamstring if you do so so fight for that flat back and try and get that chest to your knee and now we’ll go to the other side we’ll switch your other leg into our thigh and then fold over pulling my chest to my knee stretching out that hamstring trying to keep your back is all you can and come back up and to the center let’s do the middle stretch one more time so we’ll bend our knees and come forward maybe notice that you’ve made a little bit of an improvement a centimeter or two each time you do it you should feel a little bit more comfortable and fight to lower your knees a little bit keeping that back flat few more seconds really lower down as far as you can and come out of it amazing so now we’re going to bring our feet into the middle for a butterfly stretch and here I’m just going to sit and hold my ankles and push my knees down with my elbow should be feeling a nice stretch either in your groin or in your glutes or maybe both depending on where you need to be more flexible and we’re going to fold over and in this dress it’s okay if you let your head go and you’ll arch your back one of the few really pulling yourself down and now we’re going to do the opposite and try and stretch out and keep that back as flat as we can pushing that chest out really stretching out those hips and come back up so the next thing that we’re going to do is going to be a pike stretch and I’m going to move sideways for this you can see me better so the key to doing this is having your hips all the way underneath your body and your back up straight behind you if you’re unable to sit up straight then you want to keep your butt above your feet and there are a couple different ways that you can do this the easiest way using only your body is to actually come up onto one knee and extend the other one in front of you so that you can start to lean forward that will make it a lot easier just have to make sure that you do it on both sides you can also be in a pike with either a low chair or maybe a few towels stacked underneath you so that your lifted above your feet so for now I’m going to stay seated here on the mat but if you need to go and grab a chair or something else to sit on go ahead and do that now so I’m going to lean forward grabbing as far down with my legs as I can and if you are here and you’re sitting up super straight and is already stretching the backs of your hamstrings that is absolutely great I encourage you to stay here and keep fighting for it if you chose to sit here without any other props assisting you also make sure that you’re not pushing yourself too hard maybe you can do it but you might find that you’re able to make more progress in a stretch that’s slightly more comfortable so just make the decision that’s best for you the other thing you’ll find is that it’s easier whenever your toes are pointed so if you flex you’ll get a deeper stretch coming all the way up to the tops of the hamstrings and then we’ll come out of it awesome job guys okay so I’m just going to scooch forward a little bit so I can lay down on my back here and we’re going to lift one leg up and you can grab it as low as you need to the other thing that you could do here is grab a belt or a scarf or an actual exercise band wrap around your heel and then pull your leg closer but holding lower down on your leg is just fine too and as you’re practicing this stretch you want to make sure that you’re always reaching and trying to walk your hands up and get them all the way up here really is the goal of this stretch but for now it’s fine to drop it down here then I’m going to bend my knee in pull it to my chest and bring it over my body to come to its fist really feeling at all through the spine and come back and we’ll straighten again always pulling it closer to you beyond that stretch in the hamstring and one more time pulling it to your chest and over every time you breathe earlex your spine a bit more and then we’ll come back to centre then switch bring the other leg up grab as high up as you can and pull it closer to you making sure that top leg is all the way straight and then bending it in pull across your body turn your head to face the other way and breathe releasing your spine letting a fully twist we’ll come back to Center and do it all one more time so stretch the leg out straight grab as high as you can and then pull apparently breathing and bring it back in pull tight to your chest and then pull it back over to look the other way hmm I’m going to relax into it and then we’ll come back to Center and put our leg down okay so now we’re going to come back up to a standing position and I’m going to bring one foot up to grab behind me during this quad stretch I want to make sure that I’m pushing my hips forward so I’m getting that full stretch all along my quad and into my hip flexor and while you’re here I want to take a minute to tell you that you should always be working every single day stretching and working towards that flexibility but you also have to remember that your progress is not going to be linear you’re not going to be making constant amazing results every single day some weeks you’ll do great and others you won’t see much progress but remember not to get discouraged that’s more that you’re fighting for it and working towards that flexibility you will get there so let’s switch to the other side really feeling that stretch all in that quad and in that hip flexor pushing my hips forward bringing my heels touch my butt behind me hmm hip flexers was always really tight while we’re sitting at work and sitting anywhere in the car our natural seated position actually allows them to contract a lot so it’s really great to stretch them out and then we’ll come out and for that position too if you’re having trouble balancing go ahead and grab on to a wall or a chair next to you so lastly we’re going to stretch our arms so I’m going to bring my right one across my body and pull it in with my left really allowing the shoulder to relax here so that I can get a full stretch my left arm is the only one working and then swing it out for the other side my straight arm is relaxed really letting the other one stretched out and then tuck in do the tricep on this side you really want to try and pull your hand to your shoulder and the arm that’s stretching don’t let it hang out up here and then shake it out and other side awesome job guys so that’s all I have for you today I really hope that this video helped you please let me know in the comments what worked and what didn’t and if there’s any other areas that you like me to focus on I’ll see you guys in the next video bye you ..

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  1. Please CLICK THE NOTIFICATION BELL! Our subscribers aren’t being shown our videos unless they click the notification bell next to the subscribe button.

  2. I remember the day when I checked out this video and realized I needed to get more flexible. At first, I thought I couldn’t get my splits because I though I couldn’t commit to having a constant schedule for stretching. However, this time was different. When I first began I couldn’t touch my toes, and when I attempted my middle splits, it wasn’t even close at all.

    After 6 months of stretching every night with few exceptions, I got both of my splits and have gotten closer and closer to my goal, and it’s all because of this video. I’m able to touch my palms to the ground when I reach for my toes, and I am so close to my middle splits.

    I realized through the stretches that you need to perseverance, grit, and the right mindset to achieve whatever you put your heart to.

    My point is, stretching has changed my life. Being consistent and having no flexibility whatsoever can get you to your goal. I didn’t realize that being flexible can really change your life and make you feel less restricted for certain ranges of motion, and I don’t regret the hours and hours of uncomfortable pain of reaching for my splits.

    I know you, reader of this comment on YouTube, can reach the splits. You can, as long as you try and go past your limits.

    Buuuuuut, please don’t hurt yourself

    Edit: Holy frick thanks for all the likes! It warms my heart to know that you guys are inspired to start your journey of stretching and gaining flexibility! Keep it up!

  3. I have Complex Trauma and Fibromyalgia with depression and anxiety. I know…. I sound like a bundle of a mess. However, This video has been a part of my routine anytime I am living and being healthy. Anytime I relapse into my trauma this video is one of my top priorities to get back on track. It is possible to live happy and healthy with a good support system and always to have a plan to self care. Sometimes self care seams to be the last on our list when we are down but we all know it is the path to get back on track. Thank you Nco for taking the time to create this video. It has effected my life more than I could have ever imagined.

  4. I used to be so flexible… My mom told me to keep stretching or I was going to lose my flexibility and I was like “Yeah. Right. Whatever.” I wish I’d listened…


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