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yoga challenge

Sukhasana (The Easy Pose) – Yoga With Adriene

Sukhasana (The Easy Pose) – Yoga With Adriene

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hello everyone and welcome to yoga with Adriene I’m Adriene and today we are going to start with a posture called sukhasan a seated meditation pose if you will you don’t have to do any meditation but this is our first posture and hopefully it’ll improve this mr. Burnes quality that we all are slowly falling into because of hours and hours on the computer or on facebook so we’re going to counteract that today and learn sukhasana okay so welcome sukhasana the easy pose sukhasana is not always that easy so rather than thinking of it as the easy pose which sukhasana is Sanskrit by the way translating to easy pose I like to think of it as this pose of ease so a place where we attempt to find ease so we’re going to start by taking the legs crossing them criss cross applesauce style and right away paying attention to our foundation so always in yoga asana thinking about building it from the ground up so the foundation being of course whatever part of your body that’s touching the mother the earth I was kind of new agey the mother earth so right away even here sit bones these two pushpins connecting to the earth I love yoga because we get to touch our booty so you can take your fingertips and move the fleshy part of your buttocks aside feeling the sit bones root down to the earth and then the outer edges of the feet also connecting to the earth so already I’m starting to put myself in this chair this place where I have more awareness than maybe I do unlocking my card or getting into the car so if this pose is not feeling so easy for you then you can take some props you can take a block or a blanket which I have here this little Mexican blanket or even a book anything and lift the hips up well so you have a little bit of a fighting chance here so the tops of the thighs can melt down and hips can open up a little bit more hands can rest wherever they gently fall naturally and just ask yourself if you feel happier with your palms up or palms down rather than saying any which way lately I’m interested in just empowering you to find what feels good I feel like Yoga is awesome for that empowering ourselves to find what feels good and then of course recognize when things don’t feel good so sukhasan the pose of ease are the easy pose will connect the outers of the fee this it bonds to the earth and then we’ll just start by kind of hunkering down here drawing the chin to the chest rounding the spine coming into that kind of mr. Burnes posture chin to chest here navel draws back you can close your eyes and just letting the skin of the back stretch take a nice sweet deep breath in and as you exhale you can begin to rock the pelvis down sit bones connecting again to the earth and I’ll just slowly crawl up the staircase of the spine nice and slow just like we do in sixth grade theater arts class vertebra by vertebra lengthening up through the crown of the head and then maybe I’ll loop the shoulders taking the shoulders a little forward up and back and then I want to tag a little bit of way down in my elbows just to create space between my ears and the shoulders and at any time if you’re feeling like you could use a little space in your neck I recommend dropping your chin to your chest and drawing a few circles with your nose round and round and if you’re a little bit tied to the neck which most of us are you can start with small like saucer sized circles and then allow them to grow larger like salad play and then big of a play and then don’t forget to reverse it okay so we have a couple of neck rolls we have a couple of shoulder rolls and then sukhasan tops of the thighs roll down there’s this idea of being present and soft but still firm in the body so you can think about drawing your navel to your spine and then finding this natural lift in the heart or your sternum the chest so the chest is lifting up towards the sky so is the crown of the head we’ve looped the shoulders around given a little weight to our elbows so I have this sweet feeling right now of being grounded to the earth but still lifted and lengthening up towards the sky then I’ll begin to soften my eyelids maybe soften the skin of my face relax the face can smile a little bit like what am i doing meditation sukhasana what is yoga why my hair and just come to this place of inner calm hearts lifting shoulder blades are rotating together and down navels drawing towards the spine and then if we want we can draw the palms together here really pressing the palms together we call this Anjali mudra which we’ll get to when we talk about mudras on another day but just as a little reminder I like to bring my palms together here in the prayer position to lift my heart or lift my sternum to my thumbs and then just notice if you tend to lean forward a little bit here if you have little flexibility in hips or if you feel like there’s a magnet drawing your navel to the wall behind you and maybe he just has a little bit of that of a guide back I’ll turn it to the side to show you this may be just as a guide here we can think about rather than being here or here think about finding a straight line from the crown of the head through the heart and then to the pelvis so in general I feel like head over the heart heart over the pelvis is a sweet way to be and then if you notice yourself like chilling out here not being judgmental like oh god my posture sucks but just from remembering head over heart heart over pelvis because it’s the journey it’s the practice that’s the art of noticing or the awareness that’s going to get us to this place of ease so then just being like oh yeah head over heart heart over pelvis and finding that awareness in the body and then coming into alignment we can sit here in sukhasan for at least five nice long deep breaths I recommend 10 to 15 and remember yoga was or yoga asana rather was first created so that the Yogi’s could sit in meditation pose this easy pose so they could find easy there so they can sit in meditation for a long long long long long extended periods of time so arrive at your seat find that ease and if you get really distracted just come back to the sound of the breath I like to think of this poses at check in okay so that was sukhasana or the easy pose thank you so much for being with us here today and for learning that basic posture if you have any questions or comments please leave them in the comment box and I’ll get back to you subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already and visit yoga with Adriene for a lot more yogic goodies namaste you..

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  1. I’ve just discovered you today and I have to say that you are amazing ! You’re such a great yogo instructor. I’m a beginner and you make everything so simple, it’s sucjh a great way to start ! I can’t wait to learn more thanks to you !
    Kisses from France 😀 xxx

  2. Complete beginner here! You were recommended by my mom group, and I pretty much immediately feel in love with the practice and your teaching style. I’m encouraged that the back pain I feel while doing this pose is a normal muscular response and that it will improve. Been doing at least 1 video a day for 2 weeks now and noticed my back wasn’t hurting immediately the other night. Thank you SO much! I don’t want to jump the gun and make any life judgments just yet, but this has improved my life the last 2 weeks. My 3 year old now asks if I’m going to do “ugha” any time I change into comfy clothes. 🙂

  3. Love your sense of humor. It’s the perfect mix of western yoga secular thought with someone who is in love with the practice! Definitely my goto channel now.

  4. As a very new beginner to learning yoga (so far only via my living room floor and YouTube) I am loving this pose. I really feel the calm wash over me and the grounding and lift that you talk about. But what I also feel is a very tense back from what I can only assume is b/c I am new and my back and core strength are basically non existent. Is there anything in this pose I could be doing wrong to cause the tenseness in the pose or is it just a matter of time and building strength? I’ve officially been in love with Yoga for a week since I found and tried my first video. Thanks for the videos!

  5. Just lovely to see your first video Adriene- thanks. You’re a natural. Been following for a little over a year – it’s been the best. Namaste.

  6. I had no idea what bad shape my back and poster were in before this video. I have a lot of lower back pain and I can tell this will help already. I love your teaching style!

  7. I am approaching returning to work and college. While practicing this position, I thought “This will be a good way to relax and get ready for what comes next each day.” I can use this after a long shift to settle into sleep, and prepare by finding inner peace, while dusting anxiety out of my mind, before I study. Thank you.


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