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The Cash Grab Continues With… Goat Yoga and Meditation.

Look, I’m completely happy with more people getting into Yoga and meditation. It can be great. It can be transformative.

It can also be downright stupid.

A famous mountaineer got down from the over commercialized Mt Everest once and immediately said he’d like to go back to real mountaineering. That’s exactly how I currently feel about these fads in yoga and meditation.

I can see the benefit to it if it brings people into it who can then get past the gimmick of having goats wader around you then I guess it can be a force for good.

But I’m really not liking the trend of daft gimmicks and cash grabs we’re constantly seeing. Am I being too harsh?

Starting again this Sunday at Jeff and Cindy Campbell’s GottaGoat Farm on Green Mountain Road will be the weekly Goga (goat yoga) classes.

Three years ago the couple, who are also very much into animal rescue, happened to see on the internet the unlikely combination (although not to them) of how successful goats and yoga could be.

“We found quite a few people were interested, they came out and had just a ton of fun with all the little baby goats running around,” said Cindy. “Just being able to share the experience of being around the goats combined with the yoga component is something people certainly enjoy. People enjoy having yoga in their lives and we enjoy having the goats in our lives so just putting them together became a really cool way of interacting with people.”

And while the goats can be a bit of a disruption when it comes to yoga, Campbell believes the animals presence only adds to the experience.

(Pssst… if you’re looking to add something to your routine which makes less mess of your yoga studio why not check out Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy (which you can get free with an Audible trial instead?)


Goat yoga: meditation with a cuddly twist at Okanagan farm

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