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When And What To Eat Before And After A Yoga Class

When And What To Eat Before And After A Yoga Class

The general rule is to practice yoga on an empty stomach and to allow one to two hours after you have eaten for your food to digest before you practice yoga. This is a general rule however this can vary if for example you are pregnant or you have some health issues and then I would advise you to speak to a doctor.

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If you are attending a lunchtime class then again eat your lunch after the class. Try to keep your lunch as healthy as possible to enjoy the overall health benefits from your practice.

If you are attending a class in the evening it may become quite challenging to find a good time to eat. Generally after you have eaten your dinner you should allow at least two hours for your food to digest before you go to bed. However if you attend an evening class then you maybe reaching home at 9/10pm and then eating and going to sleep soon after. This is not great for the digestive system, your energy levels and your body as a whole. If your food has not had the time to digest then it will sit in your stomach which can create toxins within the body. From my own experience I used to eat late at night and then when I started to eat earlier I noticed that I felt more open and flexible in my body and I had more energy.

So here are a few tips for your diet if you are attending an evening yoga class…

– Eat a bigger lunch

– Have a light bowl of soup or salad or something else that is easy for you to digest one to two hours before your class

– Have a glass of milk after your yoga class

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Text version:

with Gina where I teach you how to practice yoga on and off the yoga mat so today we are off the yoga mat and we’re actually in my kitchen the reason is because I want to talk to you a little bit about food and the topic of discussion for today is when and what to eat before and after a yoga class so the general rule is to always practice yoga on an empty stomach so to leave about one to two hours after you’ve eaten to then step onto your yoga mat and to do your yoga practice the reason is because obviously when we’re doing yoga postures and moving the body this may disturb the digestive system if it is trying to digest your food and then it may stop it from digesting the food and then the food may become toxic in your stomach and so we always want to allow time for the food to digest now this rule is obviously flexible for it for example if you’re experiencing any health conditions or if you’re pregnant and if that is the case then I would ask you to seek medical advice either from your doctor or to even just ask a nutritionist now if you are practicing yoga in the morning whether you’re attending a yoga class or you’re just doing your own home yoga practice then I would suggest that you have your breakfast after you’ve practiced yoga so to just have nothing in the morning and to practice on an empty stomach obviously if you need some water or a drink and have something before the session and then do your yoga practice and then have a really good rack first so and from my own experience what I do is I wake up in the morning I have my shower and then I step right onto my yoga mat do my yoga and meditation practice and then I have breakfast and for me breakfast is quite is the most important meal of the day so I generally have like a big bowl of porridge with lots of nuts in there I have like cinnamon in there nutmeg in there I might have a few dried fruits such as raisins or cranberries in there too um but other suggestions you could do is you could have you could steam fruit so things like apples and pears and then again you can put nuts in there and seeds you can even add some honey or some maple syrup and another suggestion is to have toast I would really recommend either wholemeal bread gluten free bread or something such as spelt flour bread or rye bread and then on there you can either have an almond butter or sometimes what I like to do is chop up an avocado and avocado and then and sprinkle sprinkle it with a little bit of honey that tastes really good and gives you a lot of energy for your day also I really really really love to have in the morning is a cup of Indian chai and this is I use I cannae you varic recipe to make my Indian chai and I will post the link for a recipe in the comments below so that you can also use that recipe to set you up for your day and if you don’t like Indian try then you can just have like a normal cup of tea or if you’re really on the go then maybe you can even have a green juice so I’d really recommend actually a green juice and this will give you all the nutrients you need and the energy you need to get you going through your day and also obviously after you have practiced yoga you will feel maybe a little bit tired a little bit weak so to really use your diet to help you give the sustenance you need to really make your day as productive as possible now if you are practicing yoga in the afternoon such as a lunchtime yoga class then obviously I’d suggest that you eat your lunch after you’ve practiced yoga and to eat as a healthier lunch as possible now in the lead up to the yoga class if you are feeling a little bit hungry then just have a light snack and this is maybe best time just to have some fruit which is really easy to digest and then if you’re going to a yoga class in the evening this is where it can be a little bit challenging because most yoga classes in the evening are around at 7 o’clock 6 to 7 or 8 o’clock and this can generally be our dinner time so what I would do then will give you a couple of tips on how to organize your diet around enjoy yoga class so I would suggest that you eat a bigger lunch and then to have something like about one to two hours before your yoga class so for example having a soup or a salad or a warm salad if you find that salads too cold in the winter months and whatever you do eat just make sure that it’s easy to digest so that you have a bit of time for the food to digest and also have a hot drink after you have eaten because a hot drink such as like a hairball tea will actually just help you to digest the food then you’re set to practice your yoga and then after you yoga class if you’re feeling like a little bit hungry have either a light snack or have a glass of milk and what I actually do with my milk is I follow it like another Ayurvedic recipe where in the milk I put in things like cinnamon cardamon I put a little bit of nutmeg and saffron just to give it a bit of flavor and I also put a teaspoon of ghee and use clarified butter and it has lots of good properties to it and it really helps the joints in your body so if you have been practicing yoga and the ghee will really give you some nutrients after your practice to just heal and repair your body and so it’s obviously important to make sure that you have that time for your body to digest the food before you go to bed what can happen is if you’re going to an evening yoga class and then you’re coming home and you’re just eating your dinner and then going straight to bed this is like so wrong from your for your body and I actually speak from experience because what I used to do was I would be teaching most evenings and I would go and teach you yoga class and then I would come home and eat my dinner and then go to bed fairly soon afterwards I’d leave at least an hour but then I’d probably go to bed and I then decided to change my eating habits and to eat earlier and to eat at lighter and the difference in my body has been massive I feel more flexible I feel stronger within my body I have more energy and I just overall feel much much better so really recommend that you don’t eat so late at night and that you allow one to two hours for your food to digest before you go to bed and if you go to bed on a full stomach and your food won’t digest properly obviously when we go to sleep our body switches off so I digestive system stops working and that means that there’s food within our body that’s just sitting with art within our body and it being starts to become toxic and again this will have an impact on you and in your day to day life so as much as you can try to if you’re going to a yoga class in the evening try to have a big full lunch to eat something lighter about one to two hours before your class such as a soup or a salad and then to come home and have either a light snack or a glass of milk so those are my tips for your yoga practice and for your diet and your schedule and when you’re eating around your yoga class I hope that helps and be sure to share this video with your friends and family or anyone else you know who may be interested in this topic also subscribe to my channel because I’ll be sharing lots more and yoga videos and hope you’re talking about buying a little bit more and you can also follow me on Facebook Twitter and Instagram so I hope you enjoyed this video and touch base with me will soon add any comments if you’ve got any questions just let me know stay in touch namaste you..

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    In order to give milk, the cow has to have a baby calve, 24 to 72 hours later the calve is taken away from the mother and both cry desperately .If is a male, it doesn’t have any value to the dairy industry and it will be kept for month separated from the mother and fed artificial milk and then killed and sold as veal.
    If is a female the same but they don’t kill it because it will be abused when it grows.
    The mother is kept in a very small place where is injected with hormones , antibiotics and tranquilizers.
    So if you consume dairy products I ask:WHERE IS AHIMSA,ASTEYA,SAUCHA AND COMPASSION??????
    People who eat dairy are stealing milk drom animals that are terribly abused.
    This recomendations where done in India where the cows are sacred and is not the case in the rest of the world.


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