yoga challenge
yoga challenge

Yoga For Anxiety And Stress

Yoga For Anxiety And Stress

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Hey guys, welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene, and today we have a sequence for anxiety. So this practice is awesome for when you’re feeling stressed out, or maybe you’re feeling a little anxious, maybe a little panic attacky, or you just need to move from the darkness, into the light. Hop on the mat and let’s get started. Alrighty, let’s begin with a nice, comfortable seat.

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Sit up nice and tall. And arrive here now. You’ve started the video, you’re here, the hard part is over. Let’s begin with the breath. Inhale.

As you breathe in, draw the shoulders up to the ears. As you breathe out, draw the shoulders down away from the ears. Good. As you breathe in, squeeze and lift. As you breathe out, drop, create space. Couple more times.

Inhale, find what feels good here. And exhale, create space. One more time. Inhale, squeeze to the max. And exhale, create space. Awesome, take your right ear over your right shoulder, breathe, ground down through the elbows. Lift it back to center, and to the other side. Left ear over left shoulder.

Draw down through the elbows. Great, bringing it back to center. And we’re gonna come into a little moodra here as we prepare for alternate nostril breathing. So this is my number one, if you don’t have time for the whole video, at least have time for this Pranayama technique, which I really do think is like a magic elixir.

For when I’m feeling anxious, if you ever feel like you are in kind of a panic attack moment, or anything like that, or you just need to de stress, balance out. This is the one for you, my friends. So, we’re gonna take the kind of hang loose sign here, it’s kind of like this, and we’re just gonna bring it to the ring finger and the thumb. See, bring the two peace fingers in.

Or, if that’s difficult for you, you can also do your middle finger and your thumb. So, you have your thumb, and an extra finger here. And we have a whole video on alternate nostril breathing, so if you’re new to this and you want to go ahead and learn the technique first, you can pause it and click on that. Open it up in another window, and it’s really lovely. Um, but to honor your time, we’re just gonna hop right in so you can practice this regularly. So, thumb’s gonna come to the right nostril. Sit up nice and tall and breathe in through the left nostril.

Keep the shoulders relaxed, as you pause at the top, we switch, covering the left nostril, breathing out through the right nostril. Inhale in through the right nostril. Always holding, pausing at the top to switch. Exhale out through the left nostril.

Inhale in. Alternating at the top, exhale. Inhale. And alternating at the top, exhale. Keep it going. Nice and easy, smooth breaths.

Again, alternating at the top. After a little bit of experiment, you find a rhythm that works good for you. A hand moodra that works good for you. And even it out here, really come in. And gently release both hands down. Take a deep breath in through both nostrils. And out through both nostrils. Slowly open the eyes.

Amazing, and notice how you feel. Great. From here we’re gonna move on to all fours, but take this sense, whatever the breath did to you, maybe nothing, but just take one thing and add it on the rights, we’re staying present in the moment, but we’re kind of allowing ourself to change the course of things, right? Trying to let go of the stress. The anxiety in the body.

That breath’s so lovely for the nervous system, so keep it soft and easy as you come to all fours here, my sweet friends. Be kind to yourself. And we’ll move into a little Cat Cow. Should feel awesome. We’ve already connected the brain. And the breath. And the alternate nostril breathing, Nadi Shodhana.

It’s a purifying breath. So keep nice, long smooth deep breaths here, as you now begin to integrate the spine, which is also connected to the brain. So when the brain is a mess, it is so beneficial to do spinal work. Even something as simple and delicious as Cat Cow. Awesome, from here, I’m gonna curl the toes under, walk the palms slightly forward. Nice and easy, inhale in, on an exhale, lift the hips Downward Facing Dog.

So connect to your strength here, but keep a softness. Press into the palms, take care of the wrists, bend the knees. Inhale in. Exhale lowering back down. Awesome.

Press into the tops of the feet, walk the wrists back underneath the shoulders. Then inhale, keep the right palm where it is here, and we’re gonna open the left fingertips out. So just go as far as you can before you feel… a pinch in the back body. Opening, inhale. Exhale, left palm down, right fingertips reach up, so it might not be all the way here is what I’m trying to say, it might just be here, even here, as you inhale. Open up through the chest. Exhale.

Again, to the left, inhale, press away from your yoga mat. Exhale, press into the tops of the feet. Inhale. And exhale. And one more time.

Long in the neck. Synchronizing with the breath. Super awesome. All right. Walk the knees together, take a Child’s Pose here, go ahead and keep the fingertips reaching out long those, stretching to the side body.

Knees are together though, and we bow the forehead. Rest your heart. Slowly we’re gonna walk the palms over towards the right, excuse me, left edge of your mat. And the right hand’s gonna come over to kiss the left hand. So maybe they come one on top of each other. Breathe into the right shoulder, the right side body.

Pull back gently with the right hip crease, and breathe deeply. And now through center. And to the right, right palm to the right edge of your mat. Left palm comes and hops on top of the right, and we breathe here, forehead grounding down, and reaching down. Stick with your breath my friends, I know the mind is powerful, but so is your breath. Come back to center.

Inhale, lifts you up. Exhale, curl the toes under, Downward Facing Dog. Okay, time for a cleanser. We need to inhale in through the nose. Exhale out through the mouth. Inhale in through the nose. Exhale out through the mouth.

One more, don’t be shy. Beauty of home practice. Lion’s Breath. Great, drop the left heel, lift the right leg up high, inhale. Exhale, step it up into a nice Low Lunge. Prepping for Warrior 2. Take your time getting there.

We’ll pivot on the back foot. Keep the front knee bent. When you’re ready, rise up strong. Find strong footing here today, super important that you ground through all four corners of the feet.

Press into the ninth edge of that back foot, and charge the left of your thigh. Reach the right fingertips, really reach. Left fingertips back, really reach. Really deep here. Send energy out in all directions. Left to right, down to the Earth, and lift and lengthen up through the crown. Big breath in here.

Big breath out, draw your shoulders down. Pull the pinkies back. Great, and keep the front knee bent here for now, as you reach the right fingertips forward. Up and back, Peaceful Warrior here.

Keep the front knee bent. Now hug the low ribs in. Just a hair, sorry, had an itch, and then we’re gonna inhale. Straighten leg, front leg. Exhale, bend.

Inhale, reach. Exhale, bend. One more, inhale reach. Exhale, bend. This time, continue the journey all the way down, extended side angle. Right fingertips to the Earth.

Left fingertips towards the sky. Can also be here on the top of the thigh. Breathe deep, inhale in. Long exhale out. Inhale.

And exhale. Stick with your breath. One more time, inhale in. And exhale, bringing the left fingertips down. We’ll pivot back to our Lunge. Clamp the palm, step it back to Plank, you can move through a Vinyasa here, if you like, or send it straight to Downward Facing Dog.

Meld your heart back. Send your hips up high. Press into the palms, especially the index finger and thumb. And we’ll drop the right heel down and inhale, lift the left leg up. Exhale, step it up into your Lunge.

Warrior 2. So take a second getting there. All right, it’s really about the sensation today. And about the journey. And so take your time as you arrive. Your strong, grounded, beautiful Warrior 2. So a little work on the feet. Goes a long way.

Then connect to the energetic body. Tailbone down. Front body lifts. Reach both directions. Up, ground down. Big breath in. So good for the body here, full body experience.

Energy radiating. Then keep the front knee bent my friends, best you can. And send the left fingertips forward, up, and back. As you can see, my right hand’s coming around, it can stay in the small of the back here, or reach around to the top of the left hip crease. Keep the front knee bent as you inhale.

And exhale. Now here we go, inhale, straightening through the front leg. Inhale, extend energy out through the left fingertips. Exhale. Sink deep. Stay strong in your back leg. Inhale, extend, And exhale, sink deep. Ooh, nice, you got it.

Inhale one last time. And exhale, continue this journey, meld it all the way down into your extended side angle. Lean back everyone. Remember, we can always be here. Big breaths.

Strong connection to the Earth. One more breath here, you got it. Then slowly, right fingertips float down to meet the left. We come back to our Lunge. We plant the palms. Again, you can move through a Vinyasa here, or you can send it straight to Downward Facing Dog. And Down Dog, back to that cleansing breath.

Take a big inhale, in through the nostrils. And exhale out through the mouth. Great, drop the left heel, lift the right leg up high. This time, come to Warrior 1, nice and strong. Reach the fingertips up high, press into the outer edge of the back foot. Then inhale and look up.

Exhale, rain your fingertips down. Stay strong in your front leg. Hug energy into the mid line here for stability. And step back a little bit here, so, draw the knuckles down and away, and as you inhale in, find that lift in the heart extension through the crown.

As you exhale, lift your left heel up. Stay soft and bent in the front knee. And we’re gonna play with a little Warrior 3. So you might just come to here, big toe on the Earth.

Keep your focus out in front, neck nice and long. Inhale in, and exhale, maybe you begin to lift through the left inner thigh. Maybe you come to here right away. Or maybe again, you’re growing this, and so we keep big toe on the Earth.

Stay connected. Ah, the mind begins to clear, we begin to focus on the sensations of the body as you lift through the left air and thigh. You can stay here. You can release with control to Airplane Arms. Or maybe you take the fingertips all the way forward. Wherever you are, full body experience, breathe deep.

And then slowly make your way back to Warrior 1. Inhale and smile. Exhale. Let it go. Back to the Lunge.

Optional Vinyasa here, take it or leave it. Into Downward Facing Dog. Beautiful. Drop the right heel, lift the left leg up high. Inhale. Exhale, stepping through.

Find Warrior 1. Take your time. Strong legs. When you’re ready, reach the fingertips up high. Grab em down through the shoulders. Connect to the sensations in the body and today, stay present. Inhale in.

Exhale, rain it down. Interlace. This time you’ll be opposite them on top, so the one that feels kind of weird. And knuckles are all down and away as we open the heart. Welcome that heat.

That aliveness that’s starting to maybe glisten on your forehead or your lip. Stay strong and grounded to the Earth, you got this. Inhale, look up. On an exhale, begin to slowly stay bent in the front leg, lift on to the right big toe. Again, maybe this is your pose today.

Yes. Working on balance, stability, I’m here, I love myself, I’ve got this. And maybe we take it a step further by softening through the back knee. And beginning to lift up. Maybe even further.

Maybe even further. Lifting up through the right inner thigh, if you are lifted, finding extension through the crown. Wherever you are, focus on your breath, the sensations in your body. Clear your mind of any stress.

Of any anxiety, any worry. Focus on connecting to your strength right here. Right now. So even if you fall, you come back. Come back to the practice, come back to the mid line. Maybe you release the fingertips with control. So resist the slingshot effect.

And find Airplane Arms. And maybe reach it forward. Nice, strong breaths. Everyone, wherever you are, be there fully. With your breath. Then slowly take your practice back to Warrior 1.

Inhale, look up. Exhale, shake it off. Take it all the way back down. Last chance for a Vinyasa, feel free to take it, or leave it.

Moving through a Heart Opener, if it feels good. And then we’ll all make our way to Extended Child’s Pose. Bring the big toes together, meld the heart back. Bring the palms together. And then up and over the head. Gently crawl the elbows forward a hair.

Stretch through the side body and the shoulder. Take a deep breath in. And exhale, let everything go. Surrender here, priminal. Bring it into the back body. Close your eyes. Just take a second to bow to the big picture. To surrender to that which is out of your control.

And to connect to a little sense of peace and love within. Slowly we’ll drop the fingertips back to the mat. Plant the palms in nice and easy rise up. Walk the knees into center. Carefully cross the ankles. And use your fingertips to help guide yourself all the way back to a seat.

And we’ll extend the legs out long, heels in line with the hips. If you’re a little bit tight in the hips and the lower body, we can maybe lift the hip up on a blanket or block here if that feels good. And then we’ll inhale, reach towards the sky, ground down through the tops of the thighs. And then exhale, reaching forward. So this will look a little different for everyone, it might be here for you. Keeping the neck and the spine nice and long. It might be here. It might be here.

So find your Forward Fold. Again, very helpful to lift the hips up a little bit here. Eventually, you find a sense of surrender here again, rounding through the spine, eventually the neck, stretching nicely. Yummy here’s, you bow the head. And bend the knees as generous as you need to here, no need to kind of hit this perfect little yoga shape today, or any day for that matter, but uh, find what feels good. Find the layer of breath. And then slowly we’ll release.

And come to lie flat on the back. When you arrive, go ahead and hug the knees into the chest. And then release the left foot to the ground, and the right leg up high. Cross the right ankle over the left. Interlace the fingertips behind the back of the left thigh, and then bring your left foot onto an imaginary wall here, so press up against the wall, flex.

Now we’ll begin to squeeze and pull. Breathing deep here in a little reclined One Legged Pigeon. Neck is nice and long, so your chin is lifted, see we can tuck it in a little bit. Breathing deep here. Hmmmm. Great, then send the left leg up high, just a little hamstring bonus here, one more breath. And then nice and easy, with control, right? So again, resist the slingshot effect. With control send the left, uh, right leg up to meet the left.

And I’m gonna reach both fingertips towards the outer edges and I’m gonna pulse here. Keep the shoulders relaxed. Palms facing each other. Tailbone scooping up towards the sky. Oh my God, creaky old floor! Oh my God, we have a creaky floor here.

Yay, everything’s in alignment. See, sometimes when you move, it just takes a while, right? Take it to the left, pulse. Creaky old floor. Let’s bring all the YWA members who’ve been with me for a while. And to the right, here we go. Miss that creaky old floor.

But we have one here. Oh my gosh. And then back to center. Five, four, three, two, and release. Yay. You never know when you’re gonna make new discoveries. Right foot to the ground, left leg up high.

Crossing the left, left ankle over the right. Interlace. Who’d have thought a creaky floor could bring so much joy to someone. Okay. Shin parallel to the ceiling. Flex your right foot. So chances are you know this shape, right, but the feet just kind of have to hang dead like.

So keep a little aliveness here, and then squeeze. Again, tuck your chin into your chest. And then creaky old floor aside, I need you to close your eyes and I would like to invite you to feel supported. Your spine supported here, the weight of your body supported by the Earth. Keep breathing. Then extend that right leg up. Great, slowly unravel.

Left foot joining the right, this time we interlace fingertips behind the head. Inhale in. Exhale, lift the head, the neck, the shoulders. Press into the heels. Inhale lower. Exhale lift. Inhale lower. Exhale lift.

Keep the elbows wide. Keep it going. Inhale lower. Exhale lift. Extend the thumbs, nice little neck hammock here. And three more. Scooping the tailbone out. And last one, you got it.

And release. Supta Baddha Konasana. Ah, we lit the fire in our belly after all. Shimmy the shoulders underneath the heart here. Maybe give your little belly a pet. Ahh…

Inhale, lots of love in. Exhale, close your eyes. Begin to allow your breath to return back to a natural rhythm here. And then when you’re ready, we’ll peel the arms out wide. And slide the legs out long.

Allow your body to grow heavy, even if you don’t have time for a long Halasana. Take a second here to let the body settle and rest. To allow the nutrients of your practice to seep in, to settle in. Then notice how you feel. Then slowly draw the palms together, bring them to your third eye. And we seal the deal by saying Namaste, which is honoring the best and most beautiful version of ourself. Seeing that, honoring that in one’s self.

And then also in others. Take good care, my friends. Choose the light. Let it go. Namaste. ..

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  1. Doing this as I have a week of hugely important exams which signs the end of highschool and the beginning of college, adulthood, paying rent and moving far from my home. I have been extremely anxious lately as this is a big transition thus lots of old problems have been emerging. This week will be a peek of anxiety but your videos help me, making those day go by a tiny bit smoother. I will surely feel better, bowing to the big picture reminds me that it is all temporary, that in a week the relief with soothe my breathing and that I will soon be onto a new journey. I really needed this. I am still anxious but I am a bit more ready to face the challenges that will come tomorrow and in the next few days. thank you!!

  2. I have been struggling with my severe anxiety for months now and I’m even on medication and nothing could help me calm down. I tried my breathing exercises, walking, watching something funny, going for a relaxing drive and nothing was working. During my hospitalization we did yoga and none of it was as successful as yours was. I really appreciate you saving me tonight, from the sobbing, hyperventilating mess that I was. I’m no longer in fear of my anxiety. Thank you so much Adriene.

  3. Dear Adriene, I am from Uruguay and I am pretty new at yoga. These last 6 months I’ve been though a really hard situation at work and I started to have panick attacks. Well, I think you know what I am talking about, negative and catastrophic thoughs, lack of hope, depression, fear of everything even death. One day I felt like I needed to do some relaxation and that’s when is video magically appeared in my life. I did it twice and then started to stalk your channel and decided to do the yoga camp. Today it’s my day 9 (actually I LOVED day 8 lol), and I can feel like I have some intangible skills I can use right now, and that slowly the panick attacks, the stress and all the emotional rubbish in this kind of situations are going away from my life.
    I really want to thank you for sharing all your sympathy, your human moments, your fresh personality. I don’t know if you are aware of how much you have changed my present by doing this. Thank you Adriene, you are such a lovely person.

  4. I did’t realize how much I needed that! I’m new(ish) to Yoga, and this helped me tremendously! I didn’t even realize that 30 minutes had gone by already! (And I’m one of those people who are always watching the clock – probably part of the stress cycle!)

  5. True story: I had an off-ish day because my daughter lost her favorite cuddly toy. We looked everywhere for it, even called places we had been to in the past day but concluded it was really lost. As I was laying down doing this video, I spotted it on top of some books on a shelf!!!

  6. First time viewer of your channel! I also never comment on YouTube videos….but I have to say that this video really changed my whole perspective today! I had a stressful day as a teacher and coach with kids all over me needing something at every moment and my stress levels were on a constant up-rise. Thank you for helping me calm myself through breath and movement! Really made me see the day through a different light! Amazing, and I cannot wait to try some more!

  7. this is a life saver with a newborn its the best 30minutes of my day though it usually takes all day to get it done, you need to ,make one that you can do with a baby !!!i struggle to find anyone as good as you that has a baby wearing one

  8. If feels good but as soon as I come to these exercises where you need strength and flexibility in your arms and legs it gets hard for me to stay relaxed and I clench up totally. Guess I should first do something to strengthen my muscles before trying to start yoga, but wow, didn’t think that yoga can be that exhausting. Or there’s just something wrong with me 😀 but I really like your videos and your explanations. 🙂

  9. Thanks so much for posting this. Just seeing it has made my cry. So many gurus are only willing to help the people that have money. People that are really in need of help, the ones in dire straights – the homeless, the poor, the addicted, etc – are left to fend for themselves. While I understand everyone needs to make a living, and don’t begrudge them that, how spiritual can you be if you’re only willing to help those with money? There’s always something we can offer to those with less. So thank you for offering help to everyone. I know many women with traumatic backgrounds who will appreciate this video.

  10. I am left stunned after doing this. I feel so relieved and happy, I even teared up a little at the end. Thank you, Adriene, for creating this. I hope everyone is well and happy new year!

  11. Feeling relaxed and calm after this awesome practice. It’s being a good last week of this March calendar. A lovely mix of flowing vinyasas , breath practice and awesome stretches. We feel goood Adriene see you on the mat tomorrow Day 29 for a healthy liver. Really looking forward to this one

  12. Well i have an exam today and i did thid before i go exam. And now im going for it i will handle it.. And also this week was so darkness for me because there is a guy that bullies me every time in my class. And no one helps me in that case. Even my sis thinks that its all my fault but i cant stop him. He is such a jerk. But i will over him. I trust myself and you know you’re the biggest helper for me.. And i cried so hard in the end thank you for this..


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