yoga challenge
yoga challenge

Zen Yoga | 10 Min Beginner Routine

Zen Yoga | 10 Min Beginner Routine

Sean Vigue is a certified Pilates, Yoga, Spinning, Nutrition, and Personal Training instructor (over 5000 classes taught), winner ‘Best Male Workout’ (Pilates for Men) by Pilates Style magazine, Master Core Specialist, TV and Film star, and professional singer/actor having appeared in over 70 opera, musical theater, and non-musical productions. He’s a member of Actor’s Equity and is sometimes caught singing arias while doing Planks.

If you haven’t seen the free audiobook Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide make sure you check it out. It’ll change how you look at Yoga.

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Text version:

and hello my friend Sean V Sean is calm welcome to Zen yoga your yen’s ogor routine let’s get all comfortable wear some comfortable clothes for this very gentle routine and bring it back to Child’s Pose in front of this beautiful Lake today we’re going to focus on breath on releasing on stretching and taking these 10 minutes just for ourselves to get away from all the distractions so take some deep breaths here breathing in the nose and out the nose I’ll do my best to use my yoga voice which I am using right now for this voice over and breathe deep into the diaphragm area think of breathing into your abdominals and take that left arm let’s thread it right through it’s called threading the needle it’s fantastic pose to get a nice little twist little rotation in the spine to stretch the shoulder and to bring a little bit of blood into the brain and breathe into that pose all right moving to the other side take the right arm thread it underneath the left arm and bring it every pose is very active you want to keep drawing your left shoulder back a little bit more keep reaching your right arm a little further through so you get that nice twist in the spine all right bring the arm through hands and knees position cat cow stretch here’s the cat right there inhale round the upper back up drop the head then drop the tummy down look straight ahead we have the cow inhale lift articulate the entire spine exhale down into cow smile inhale rounding up little smile for the camera there exhale down always feels really good on the spine let’s do it again inhale round a little bit higher let your neck go nice and loose the head becomes heavy drop the stomach down looking straight ahead again inhale up we go enjoying the shade exhale down good fiddling with the shirt and downward facing dog arms shoulder width legs hip width with the exhales release that chest towards the knees and let’s slowly very slowly my friends let’s walk the legs one at a time keep your breath steady keep your neck loose so your eyes are looking right to your knees and we are back and forth fingers open as wide as you can think of man hands from Seinfeld make the hands as big as possible it takes pressure off your wrists and we get a good stretch in the hamstrings all right bring it all the way down onto your forearms elbows underneath the shoulders we call this the baby Cobra that was having a good time here and I draw the shoulders back a little bit more a lovely yes I said lovely stretch for your lower back and add a little twist here side to side baby Cobra with a little twist back and forth releasing the spine releasing any tension in the back and then press it back downward facing dog get that ant off the mat let’s walk those legs again for a little more of a stretch and the walk my friends turn your knee slightly into the center so as you bend it you turn it into the center you get a nice twist in the lower back we’re always fighting complacency in our lives too much sitting too much standing so these poses come along and just eradicate the tension from those positions good big twist sorry showing a little lower back there that’s just the way it is all right come on down again forearms down draw those shoulders back a little bit more or you can go to upward facing dog hands on the shoulders and then twisting side to side make sure your shoulders are down and back your glutes are tight so squeeze the glutes every time you exhale and take it side to side you’re going to get little adjustments perhaps up and down your back doing this good secure the sheet and press it back again Child’s Pose reach the fingers a little further forward this time draw the shoulders back a little more and I’m moving within that pose moving the upper body side to side and my knees well they’re a little further apart this time so it allows space for my body to just drop right down in there good breath alright hands under the shoulders pressing up gate pose bring your left knee down right leg out let’s take it over to the side so I’m mirroring you here so we stretch it over to your right side hand gently on the leg keep that left shoulder back and down and then we have a side bend on the other side great way to stretch out the sides get some motion in there get some circulation and heal that body all right other side gate pose suppose you’ve noticed a shirt plank or die I don’t know if that Zen actually to me that feels very zen because I love planks I love anything that elevates my health and fitness on every level and bring it into your side Bend there you go my friends keep that left shoulder back and down so it’s not creeping up right on to the ear one of our biggest defenses postural e is the shoulder creeping into the air you see I just checked back there’s a pretty sizable Gator back in that little alcove there watching me we have a relationship with the Gators they don’t bother me I don’t bother them alright little wider stance in the down dog and walk those legs hitting some different areas the angles a little bit different wonderful thing about bodyweight routines and workouts is the possibilities are endless and you make just little little changes and you can bring in all different parts of your body bringing in different muscles shoulders are back neck is loose and lots and lots of breath the muscles need oxygen alright a little Zen fiddling with the shirt and reach that left hand across to the opposite leg if that’s too much just drop the hand to the floor doing a nice twist here it’s like an add on to threading the needle or you can just go back to threading the needle and then reach to the other side got a little leverage with the hand there so increase the twist with the breath every exhale go a little bit further there we are grace and every movement get a great way to discover how your body works when you do these stretches all right we come to the wide legged forward fold so grab the opposite arm with each hand and just sway gently side to side as you exhale my friends give the ABS a little squeeze it’s going to protect your lower back and ensure that you get a massive stretch up and down your spine you get to use the gravity to your greatest advantage now the knees come down walk them forward fix the shirt or as we call it in the business the blouse and bring it down on your back let’s hug the knees in oh that’s nice breathe into your lower back as you rock side to side wiggle your toes wiggle your fingers I’m doing little lip trills I do those actually every morning before I teach before I film when I wake up in my theater days I always did those to warm up my voice so think about warming up your voice as well all right tuck it in the shirt skin serious here take the arms over the head and drop the legs to the side either side is fine you’re going to do both we can go back and forth the lying spinal twist we call this one particularly the windshield wiper that was a no scratch it wasn’t a pick we go side to side tips of the toes down good this routine by the way my friends do it in the morning doing the evening do it anytime it’s available to you anywhere anytime good wiggle those toes little ankle movement little pops and cracks and breathe into the lower back knee hugs okay and now embryo pose I finish all of my classes except for spinning with this pose find the most comfortable position on your side draw the knees in and focus on your breath because how often do we have time just to breathe to meditate to pray to be in the moment and enjoy I remember it those the trees were really pretty looking up at the trees with the Sun coming through and the breeze it’s like a poem all right my friends bring it up scenic cross legged position let’s put the finishing touches on our Zen yoga class little wave there take it over to the right side bend inhale the middle exhale to the left keep that spine nice and limber and again to the right inhale and exhale take the arms up over the head exhale pull them down and back opening the chest are you ready inhale bring the arms up palms together hands coming down and namaste my friends wonderful work Shawn would like to say something to you live now hi my friends hope you enjoyed that little dollop of Zen yoga shorter version that we’re used to doing on this channel but sometimes been on time for a 30 minute session or an hour long session so take about ten minutes right here this is great any time during the day preferably when you’re at Target do it before you go to bed at night when you wake up in the morning it’s fantastic all over body stretching it it’s that neat paradox it’s relaxing and invigorating at the same time deep breaths energize the cells things start to really move but you’re also releasing so use it to be energized or use it to be relaxed and it works perfectly both ways alright my friend Jean Michel D fitness comm pleasure as always I will see you next time and always remember plank or da god bless you..

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  1. Thank you, Sean! I have school, work, and gym everyday and your videos have helped so much man. A real life saver!
    Thanks man!

  2. Sean . . former ice hockey, rugby, Jiu-jitsu warrior and have recently gotten into Yin Yoga and love your videos!!! Thanks for sharing, thanks for the levity and humor as its takes some of the awe away from Yoga as makes it a lot more fun, which to me translates to more time on the mat!!! Namste Sean!!! Thanks again! Andrew


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